25 Times People Breathed Life Into Everyday Things and Turned Them Into Art

2 years ago

They say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. But then again, so does art. What may look like just an ordinary, everyday thing to someone, may be shaped into something extraordinarily beautiful by others. Like a dead tree whittled into something mythical. Or a rock pile turned into funny little things.

We at Bright Side adore how these Redditors came across something you see every day and crafted them into stunning pieces of art. Because when it comes to creativity, there are no boundaries.

1. Sculpture trapped inside a tree

2. “I made a piece of jewelry for my girlfriend out of ordinary pasta.”

3. “An owl that’s been carved into a (dead) tree, along my favorite forest trail.”

4. A Winogradsky column is a culture of pond mud and water showing microbial growth but it looks like art.

5. “Guy at work made me this scorpion out of copper wire.”

6. “My friend has a fish sculpture made entirely from recycled beach trash.”

7. “Behold ‘Dough-Ki’ made entirely of bread!”

8. “Carving of the entire alphabet in pencil lead”

9. “Deer head sculpture made out of old car parts and random gears”

10. “Face carved in wood my friend found in the mountains”

11. “All of the art is made out of scrap metal.”

12. “A piece of the handle chipped off, so I carved a dragon’s head in the plastic.”

13. “This sculpture”

14. “The benches at my local library are books.”

15. “One of my sand carvings from a while back”

16. “This 100-year-old walnut carved with tiny faces”

17. “This cat made out of plastic forks in Kiev”

18. “My grandma made her shopping bag out of plastic bags.”

19. “Someone made a rock-face thingy.”

20. “Driftwood sculpture in Estonia”

21. Local bus shelter made out of a big excavator bucket

22. “My friend made a wearable Reptar head out of paper.”

23. “Clydesdale sculpture by Joel Zimmermann, made from abandoned farm equipment”

24. “My wife bought me this ring for our anniversary. It’s made from old computer chips and glows in the dark.”

25. “A hummingbird and flower that’s been carved into a (dead) tree”

What stunning art have you come across when you least expected it? What feelings did it stir up in you?

Preview photo credit Akopian_DIY/reddit


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