20+ Chilling Photos of Natural Disasters That Remind Us We Don’t Run This World

4 months ago

A natural disaster is a frightening and incredible phenomenon. And after a storm, we usually face different surprises around every corner.

Bright Side just can’t imagine these people’s emotions when they woke up to the consequences of some natural disasters.

The trees after storm Xavier in Germany

A swimming pool untouched by dirty flood water

A mountain on fire in Tucson, Arizona

Paraquita Bay (British Virgin Islands) before and after Hurricane Irma

A hurricane damaged boardwalk

“A tornado went through my hometown last night.”

The calm after the storm in Yosemite

The power of a storm

When even floods can’t stop you from chilling:

The rainbow and lightning in the orange sky in Texas after a stormy night

“My mom’s toilet after a recent flood”

“My dad’s new superpower after a recent storm we had”

The last page of a Calvin and Hobbes book found in the ashes of a house after the California fires

When you don’t have flood insurance, but you do have fire insurance:

A scared sloth after Hurricane Otto hit Costa Rica

A good excuse for those who don’t like household duties

Hurricane Irma eroded away the dune this pine tree was growing on in Talbot Island State Park, Florida.

Fallen apples after Hurricane Ophelia in Ireland

When everything looks like a nightmare, but you have a friend:

“My front yard before and after a little hurricane...”

A dog carrying a whole bag of dog food after Hurricane Harvey

A tiny rescue from Hurricane Harvey

“A skater after Hurricane Sandy in North Carolina”

A tower after a snow storm

This ice leaf after an ice storm in St. Louis

Natural disasters are magnificent and truly horrifying. Have you ever seen a flood or a storm with your own eyes?


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I'm so happy the only place where I can see these disasters is in the photos!


Poor little sloth! :(
I want to hug him and calm down, he must be super scared


It's surely beautiful to look at after, but experiencing it isn't nice at all..


I have seen a small storm with my own eyes on the sea, I even had courage to swim there and get some fun huge waves.
It was cool, but now as I think about it I can understand why my mom was so worried.
What about others? :)


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