15+ Curious Pictures You’ll Want to Look at Again and Again

6 months ago

We sometimes witness some really unusual things during our very ordinary days. They don’t really need to be supernatural or extreme to make us ask “how?” and “why?”.

Bright Side has collected some photos of real life curiosities that have to have some kind of explanation.

1. “This egg rolled out of the carton and impaled itself on my cabinet’s handle.”

2. This man is so calm.

3. He just wanted to have a green car.

4. “2 weeks ago, my youngest daughter broke her leg one week before our vacation. Yesterday I broke my own leg (on vacation).”

5. “Found at the airport arrival gate. Something terrible must have happened here.”

6. “Please, stop him from taking over our house.”

7. An owl carved into a dragon fruit

8. Tree in a tree

9. “We took my cat to the beach and there just so happened to be a professional dancer there having a photo shoot.”

10. In this case the guys traveling in the back of the truck are not the most surprising thing around.

11. That’s a great sock. But why is it the only thing he’s wearing?

12. A perfect cover story

13. What is this? We have no idea!

14. “Not sure what happened here... Hopefully a miracle.”

15. Wet floor

16. “I encountered this rare and exquisite parking lot unicorn today when going into my local arts and crafts store. I was unable to capture the magnificent gesture of its greeting, but it’s an encounter I will always remember.”

17. What was she looking at?

18. How can these things be in one photo?

19. “Tried to take a panoramic picture of the Eiffel Tower today, it went surprisingly well!”

Which photo amazed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Miamime / Reddit


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