26 People That a Second Ago Were Still OK

4 years ago

Let's say, in front of your eyes, someone got sprayed by an elephant, a frog jumped directly on your friend's face, or a ball flew straight into the camera. Being a spectator in moments like this, you're either able to help the unfortunate being who's about to get surprised, or take a really cool shot, especially if you take the pic just before the catastrophe happens.

Bright Side collected for you some stories of people whose day went completely wrong but they managed to turn failure into another reason to laugh.

"I was just trying to take a selfie when..."

In the pursuit of a great shot, other things happen too.

"Football is a contact sport, right?"

"So I found a frog and I liked him and then he attacked me."

Someone's getting really wet soon.

So that's why my mom always told me to go around the manhole covers.

His balance is already hopelessly gone.

Someone's getting knocked out very soon.

Hey lady, want a shower?

"My son's soccer ball about to smack me in the face."

And only one person at the end of the pier realized that it was pointless to run.

Let's play horsey...

Ah, someone's about to scream!

Keep calm and don't forget to smile.

You might want to close your eyes?

Anything can happen at this stage of sleep.

There are no bad shots at photo sessions with children.

He's not even trying to move.

The most unfortunate selfie.

Not all shots with the sea as the background are romantic.

When your surfboard decides to swim away without you.

What do you know about the blows of fate?!

They have no idea what's about to happen to them.

Bye, camera!

Should mom take a soda bath?

When the photo session with your chick didn't go as planned.

Have you ever managed to capture moments the second before a catastrophe? Please share your photos in the comments!

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