26 Photos That Prove Family Life Is Anything But Dull

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4 years ago

Did you know that family photos placed in homes help children feel valued and give them more confidence? But according to the content of our article, taking a good family photo can become a real challenge.

Bright Side has prepared a collection of family photos showing that the process of taking them is half of the entertainment.

1. I think, my son is done with taking family photos.

2. There's always someone who is fed up with it.

3. For some families, it's an adventure.

4. One way to make a kid sleep.

5. When you were born into a family of Instagram bloggers.

6. I was just joking when I said they weren't ours!

7. I made this photo look lively.

8. Taking a family photo is always fun, they said.

9. Every family is a kingdom.

10. We have finally gotten a family photo that represents us.

11. This is my family! Back off!

12. Only the dog knows how to pose.

13. When you hate your older sister, but the show must go on.

14. Remember when we only had one son? That was a nice time.

15. Sweetie, we know you don't like to pose. Please, just smile.

16. Happy nothing!

17. When you don't like your photo:

18. At least mom is fine here.

19. Star Wars. Episode IX. Darth Vader has finally found his family.

20. No more, I'm begging you.

21. Please kiss and show how cute your family is.

22. When you're trying to sneak out at the last moment:

23. I finally agreed to do family photos, but it was on my terms.

24. My family was not particularly photogenic in the '80s.

25. We are good parents, I swear!

26. Quick! Take a photo! Forget about the documents!

Do you have any examples of similar mishaps? Share your memories in the comment section below!


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