26 Stirring Photos That Show What Being a True Dad Is Like

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4 years ago

Today more dads are staying home to care for their kids — the number of stay-at-home dads has nearly doubled since 1989. Though parenthood is extremely difficult and stressful, some fathers do so great in paternity, that we can`t stop “awing.”

So here at Bright Side we made a compilation of amazing daddy moments that have been shared online and that show what it takes to be a true dad.

1. Dad got a tattoo of a cochlear implant, so his daughter wouldn’t feel different.

2. A lucky father of daughters

3. This dad, whose son had brain cancer, got a tattoo of his son’s cancer surgery scar on to his own head to help his son’s self-confidence.

4. “How to get your kids to give you a back massage”

5. Being a dad is a full-time job.

6. Here’s how you can keep a baby calm for a photoshoot.

7. Nothing is scary when dad is with you!

8. Peacefully snoozing away

9. This dad got really serious about preparing for Halloween.

10. “Whatever it takes to convince my foster daughter that ballet school will be awesome, I’m in.”

11. Being a dad is never missing a tea party with your daughter.

12. “I submit my friend for father of the year. Here he is ice skating with his daughter who was born with a deadly genetic disease called SMA type 1.”

13. Here’s what happens when you leave kids alone with their dad:

14. A true superhero!

15. This dad seriously makes the best pancakes.

16. Like father, like son.

17. Papa`s beauty salon

18. Dad level: 8000

19. When you`ll do anything for your daughter:

20. “Okay, I get it now, having a girl is a little different.”

21. Go ahead, make yourself comfortable...

22. Being a dad of a girl equals mandatory participation in make-up sessions!

23. Father of the year

24. Papa’s sense of overprotectiveness is a little beyond the limit.

25. Multi-tasking is key.

26. Being a father means you keep on blow drying without waking the kid up.

Have you ever witnessed an example of unconditional love and support from a father? We would like to hear about it in the comment section below!


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being a good dad is just as hard as being a good mom. Those photos make me smile so wide ❤️


those emotions on the face of the kid in #7. What a great dad he has ?


Love the pancakes ?

as a child I would be so excited to eat them


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