20+ Confusing Photos That Will Play Tricks on Your Eyes

2 months ago

How often do you catch yourself thinking: “I don’t believe my eyes”? Sometimes it’s the lighting or the arrangement of the objects that make us see things that aren’t really there. However, some illusions are the result of someone else’s cunningness. The world is full of situations that you have to look and listen to very carefully to figure out what’s going on.

Today, Bright Side presents to you a selection of images proving that the human eye is easily deceived.

Looks like a trio of phantoms, waiting for the bus

The discoveries we make, while cleaning the bathroom... Surprisingly, it turned out that the things in the jar were not seashells, but pasta! The jar had stood unopened for 15 years.

We’re always prone to believing that other people’s lives are trouble-free.

When you don’t mind doing some stretches before your workout:

A handful of delicious caviar? No, those are hydrogel balls. They’re used to make cooling masks and compresses.

“It really looks like this hyena is shaking my grandson’s hand.”

Does this guy shave his legs? Oh, no — wait a minute...

These hands belong to the man in the white t-shirt.

“I took this at Starbucks.”

Those escalator mirrors are good at warping your brain.

This isn’t a doggy — it’s just a pile of its sheared-off hair.

An unplanned date

It really looks like this head isn’t attached to a body.

The edge of the tent creates a visual illusion, making the real forest look like photo wallpaper.

Any ideas why this backpack doesn’t have a reflection?

These buns turned out so cool, they could be mistaken for real pumpkins.

A cloud that looks more like a feather

What a cute little crocodile — you can even sit on it.

These leaves weren’t painted to match the house’s exterior — that’s their natural color.

The drumsticks look bent because of a camera effect.

It’s a picture in a frame, right? Well, actually, it’s a television!

The difference in lighting between my room and my sister’s, at the same time of day

These mop heads look just like fresh ground beef.

The stains on this makeup remover napkin look like 3 squirrels, painted in watercolor. Anyway, once seen, they’re very hard to unsee!

Bonus: Your friends will always help you get that perfect photo.

Which of these pictures impressed you the most?

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