27 Cool Utensils Anyone Would Undoubtedly Want to Own

3 years ago

The world of design is an endless sea, from the depths of which, something incredibly great but very often not explainable is periodically brought out to the shore of our life.

We have gathered some of these unique things, but fair warning, once you see them you'll want them in your home, no matter what it costs.

Bright Side hopes that you will like these simple but brilliant creations, just like us.

It's probably the most convenient garlic press ever.

It's a perfect place to put your coffee mug.

Looking at this table makes your head start to spin.

Mops that pretend to be dogs that look like mops.

This was probably the favorite pencil holder of Brutus.

These whales seem to be swimming right into my soul.

For some it's a hot bath, for others it's a yummy bath.

This might be the only puzzle worth spending time on.

Beginner's chess

The calendar that's fun to use.

Nice soap holder...wait, maybe that's not a holder for soap after all.

A small forklift equals big fun for the whole office.

So beautiful you don't even want to move them.

Good lamp = great atmosphere

Combo: earphones and natural simplicity

Bees know how to organize space.

When you want to add some classical sound to your phone:

Coffee table with nostalgia

The expression "sounds of nature" now has a whole new meaning.

This thing could keep a lot of married couples from arguing.

A nightstand from the 80's

Topographical coffee table

"Sleepy" nightlight: the longer you sleep, the more it "gets tired."

One move and it looks like nothing happened.

A set of tools for those macho men who aren't afraid to show their sensitive side.

At first glance, it looks like I assembled a closet from IKEA.

With the click of the switch you can be transported to a fairy forest.

Which of these things would you like to see in your home? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit Leifheit


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