27 Families Where Life is Just Full of Fun

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2 years ago

It’s so great to have a family that creates a loving and cheerful atmosphere. And if each family member has a sense of humor, it’s even better!

Bright Side gathered 27 photos of families whose lives resemble funny TV shows. Read the article to the end, and you’ll find an interesting coincidence.

“In 1980, I got my head stuck in a fence. Instead of helping me, my parents took this photo.”

A mother is helping her son through a tough level in Super Mario Land.

“My grandpa doesn’t trust his new robot vacuum cleaner, so he’s been following it around.”

“My girlfriend always falls asleep during movies, and tonight she tried to trick me.”

“Don’t leave your phone unattended.”

“Grandma is trying alcohol for the first time while my other grandma cheers her on.”

“My aunt didn’t have a cat carrier so she improvised.”

“For my grandma’s 90th birthday we decided to recreate a classic from back in the day.”

“My son and I have spent the last 2 years documenting how he explores his everyday world.”

“My parents’ Halloween costumes”

“My dad booked a trip to Canada after telling us he was sick of the Florida heat. Today I looked out of my balcony window to see him walking around like this.”

“My sister spent months on this gift.”

“Our 215-lb English Mastiff Maddie hanging out on the couch with my dad and stepmom.”

“My dad wasn’t enjoying his meal for some reason.”

“The year my parents divorced, my dad had the dog stand in my mom’s place.”

A girl got her phone taken away by her parents, and her dad slid this under her door.

A couple had a “mother’s photo shoot” for the kitten they adopted.

“My brother and his girlfriend got me a red panda encounter for Christmas.”

“I Photoshopped myself into a family portrait, and it is now hanging up in my office.”

“My parents’ reaction to my best man speech at my brother’s wedding is priceless.”

“Here’s a pic of my grandpa who turns 81 today. Happy birthday to a crazy dude.”

“My brother and I became uncles this week to twins. First impressions are important, so, naturally, we shaved and dressed to impress.”

“I hate my boyfriend. This clown is everywhere!”

“I decorated my parents’ house for Halloween.”

Food isn’t allowed in the living room. His tablet isn’t allowed in the kitchen. He beat the system. I quit.

My wife and I woke up to this on the baby monitor:

Bonus: “Around 1980, my parents also took this picture instead of helping me get my head unstuck.”

And do you have any funny pictures of you or your family? Do your relatives like to pull pranks on you? Share with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit zzzzzxx/ reddit


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