28 Animal Wedding Photos That Totally Beat Yours

2 years ago

For many people a wedding is a pretty big deal: they spend months looking for the best venue, unique attire, decorations, music, preparing the guest list, and so much more... What if our friends from the animal kingdom would like to experience this special day too?

Bright Side has gathered photos proving that “love is in the air” not only for humans. These animals look perfectly ready to throw an unforgettable wedding party that could beat any human one. Come take a look for yourself!

1. Where’s the groom? I’m tired of waiting!

2. We’re ready to pose as long as needed to get those wedding ’likes’ on Instagram!

3. Why so serious? It’s the happiest day ever!

4. We’ve eaten too much food...I can’t dance anymore!

5. We may not be the same, but who cares?!

6. Why are you laughing? I take my wedding seriously!

7. I caught the bouquet, I’m next!

8. We went to the same hairdresser.

9. I’ve chosen a boho-style wedding.

10. On the most stressful day of my life, a good massage is just what I needed!

11. Darling, why did we invite all these people?

12. I’m a champion in garter catching.

13. It’s a marriage of convenience.

14. I was nervous and had a bit too much champagne.

15. We love being the focus of everyone’s attention!

16. Ready to hit the dance floor!

17. I hate posh wedding dresses and veils.

18. Bought a designer tuxedo just for the event.

19. Who’s the most handsome groom of the year?

20. My wife drives me crrrrazy!

21. Please, no more dancing!

22. The happiest day of our lives...

23. Look into my eyes and tell me we’ll never be apart!

24. Now that we have eight kids, we’re finally ready to get married!

25. Are you ready for my wedding extravaganza?

26. Do you like my designer dress?

27. They never told us that smiling all day long would be so hard!

28. What do you mean, “the musicians aren’t coming”?

Aren’t they adorable? Which of these animal wedding photos did you like the most? Please tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit ba-gawks.blogspot.ru, eastnews.ru


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