14 Photos Proving That Public Transport Is Full of Surprises

year ago

Public transport is a really amazing place. It’s here that you can meet superheroes, villains, stars, and magic creatures, all sitting right next to one another.

14. “Bruce, I’m your father.”

13. When you’re not sure how far downtown your train goes:

12. This hamster goes to work and never complains. Be like this hamster.

11. When you stay late at work but still have to cook dinner:

10. For some people, it’s not a train, but rather, underground parking.

9. When you’re fed up with hearing, “Hey, look, it’s Logan!”

8. 2 life-sized Victorian style dolls on a London subway

7. Just an ordinary day for Keanu...

6. — “Mom, my head hurts.”

- “It’s because of your computer!”

5. The fastest means of transportation to get you to your cave

4. The next stop is the ’80s.

3. When you’ve forgotten to charge your costume:

2. Weirdest knitting class ever...

1. “Hello!”

Bonus — when you’re actually the weirdest person on public transport:

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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