3-Day-Old Newborn Baby Surprisingly CRAWLS, Lifts Head and Begins to Talk

8 months ago

A new mother was stunned when her 3-day-old daughter started to act like a 3-month-old. Captured on video and becoming viral, the incredible moment surprised her and the grandma. A doctor commented on the fact explaining why and how this happened.

In an astounding display, a first-time mom, Samantha Mitchell, was left speechless when her newborn baby, Nyilah Daise Tzabari, began lifting her head and attempting to crawl just three days after birth.

Samantha, along with her own mother, managed to capture this incredible moment on camera as Nyilah lay on her stomach in the hospital cot. The footage reveals the baby wriggling around, emitting sweet noises, and briefly raising her head while curiously surveying her surroundings.

In a TikTok video, Samantha expresses her disbelief to her mother, asking, “Is that normal?” To which her mother responds, “No, she’s 3 days old.”

“Mum, she’s crawling! This is unbelievable!” exclaims Samantha, while her astonished mother chimes in, “She should not be this strong already.”

And while this situation might be unnusual to us, doctors say it’s very common. “Basically, this baby is hungry and is hunting for a free boob,” explains Dr. Karan Raj.

The truth is that newborn babies can be a mystery — especially to first-time parents. Some things as crying without having tears or producing their own milk are normal and shouldn’t scare anyone.

Preview photo credit samantha_elizabeth__ / TikTok


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