30 Cats Who Aren’t Kitten Around on Snapchat

4 years ago

We all love Snapchat, and when our pets come into the mix, the app becomes 10 times more hilarious. Cats will pose or be caught at just the perfect moment, leaving no need for any filters or Snapchat masks. Check out these creative snaps that will remind you why you love cats so much.

At Bright Side, we've prepared a list of snaps of the most adorable cats who take cat pics to a whole new level, showing us humans that we may have more in common with them than we thought.

1. "I am the Lion Kitten!"

2. When there's no need for a DNA test.

3. Gone with the wind.

4. "Run. I'll cover you."

5. Riding is an adventure!

6. When your cat is hotter than you.

7. When they hold a grudge.

8. Warning: not for the faint-hearted.

9. Every driver should have his mate.

10. Food will not serve itself.

11. Gold fish... so close and yet, so far.

12. What if black cats are a portal to a parallel universe?

13. That must be the best pillow ever.

14. "We're just playing Tom and Jerry!"

15. "What are you, buddy?"

16. "Wassup?"

17. "Worn out places, worn out faces..."

18. There's more space on the floor.

19. The champion of the game.

20. Check out these guys' new album on iTunes.

21. If you want to win someone's love, feed them.

22. A strong and independent cat.

23. It's a set-up!

24. This cat in their own apartment lives better than us!

25. Someone seems to not approve of our new family member...

26. When they ask for something and you just meow back.

27. It seems the sounds we "meow" mean something...

28. I'd go barefoot since this shoe suits the sweet kitten more.

29. "And what did she say?"

30. What if Snapchat was made for our cats?

What was your favorite cat snap? Tell us in the comments and share your own experience. It must be funny!

Preview photo credit Viscouse / imgur


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