30 Insane Things Only Husky Owners Understand

4 years ago

Huskies are not regular animals, and sometimes their owners feel as if someone deliberately inserted a generator of unexpected things into them! Maybe it’s true, so before you get such a pet, you should know that after you do, your life will never be the same again.

Bright Side has made a little compilation of things every future husky owner should know. By the end, you will know what to prepare for when the time comes to get this kind of dog.

1. Any Husky puppy is a little miracle.

2. And the more miracles you have, the better!

3. Adult dogs are never boring either. For example, this one can sneeze and wink at the same time.

4. You should always be ready for a surprise. We warned you!

5. Watch your food and drinks. And learn to share...

6. But you should know that Huskies don’t share food. You won’t even get a bite!

7. Huskies are emotional and hilarious.

8. Wait, you have a Husky and don’t have a camera? You’re missing out!

9. These dogs are dominant.

10. Sometimes, they are possessed.

11. It looks very strange, so be ready and prepare your camera.

12. Huskies can turn off. The problem is solved with something tasty.

13. A more extreme solution is to fix a dog up with a cat.

14. Sometimes they realize they can’t run away from you.

15. Even if they try really hard!

16. Relationships are hard work. And this goes for living together with Huskies too.

17. This dog decides how much free space you need in your life.

18. The more dogs, the less free space there is.

19. Huskies are jealous. If you have such a dog, you can only walk with them, and not with others.

20. Your dog might be suspicious. Don’t give it a reason to be.

21. But it’s very hard to hide anything from these dogs.

22. If they know something about you, be careful — they might tell everyone!

23. If you’re not home, your pet goes into hibernation mode.

24. And when you come back, they will return to life!

25. Huskies are very persistent. They always get what they want. Don’t try to hide.

26. They are patient. This dog wears a wreath only because their owner’s daughter made it.

27. Everyone wants to be a Husky!

28. And most importantly, there is no such thing as too many Huskies. Get more dogs!

29. Just look at these babies!

30. After all, can other animals do this?

Do you have a Husky at your house? What else can you tell us about this breed? Tell us in the comment section below!


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