30+ Perfectly Symmetrical Photos That Every Perfectionist Should Have in Their Collection

4 years ago

In nature, architecture, and even human attraction, we find symmetry much more appealing than things that are asymmetrical. Now, those mesmerizing shapes and structures can be seen in many ways in buildings or completely by accident, in a way that causes immense satisfaction.

The team here at the Bright Side found the perfect photographs of these optical delights which showcase these hugely pleasing instances, and we've compiled them right here for you to enjoy.

1. Whoever constructed this English viaduct knows how to satisfy.

2. Even the man on the moon would be content with this symmetry.

3. The black and white opposition is very fulfilling.

4. Ahhhh... enough to please anyone.

5. Hot or cold? Why not have both?

6. “Flowers like a jeweled carpet.”

7. “X marks the spot.”

8. This symmetry on an Australian beach is enough to make anyone want to travel.

9. Sometimes puddles can create masterpieces.

10. If the bird wasn’t flying here you’d think the scene was mirrored.

11. “The emerald green lawns of the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa, Israel are immaculately manicured.”

12. Beautiful lights can create beautiful imagery.

13. “An extremely satisfying hotel hallway in India”

14. Which side would you ride on?

15. “The ultimate lookup shot that needs no further explanation.”

16. This architecture is very gratifying.

17. Who wouldn’t want a ride like this where you’d feel constantly content?

18. Who would have thought that buildings could be made like this without a mirror?

19. These solemn columns show the beauty in simplicity.

20. A perfect square makes a perfect shot.

21. It looks like a tunnel made of starlight and magic.

22. Stripes prove the easiness of symmetry.

23. Something like this would be a bookworm’s paradise.

24. “I was watching a towboat pushing up the Mississippi River and noticed the big picture.”

25. How many squares can you count in total?

26. A light show to really showcase some sublime photography

27. A picture of a picture really strives for perfection.

28. Night and day in Barcelona

29. So satisfying... yet at the same time let’s hope he doesn’t fall in.

30. Who knew basketball offered such gratifying aesthetics?

31. The sky is the limit, even when gorgeous symmetry is involved.

32. Beautiful architecture and beautiful imagery.

Which symmetrical delight struck your fancy? Let us know in the comments and post any pictures that you may have that are extremely satisfying.


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Am I the only weird one who loves when everything is perfectly matched?


It's in our brain, we love when things are symmetrical: building, nature, faces... we find it beautiful
so do I :)


Am I the only one who does not like and find it disturbing?


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