15+ Duct Tape Heroes Who Can Fix Absolutely Anything. Anything

5 months ago

Duct tape is so popular that there’s an annual festival dedicated to the tool. The equator could be wrapped 12.3 times with the amount of duct tape sold per year! So it’s not surprising that it’s used for any purpose under the sun, even if it seems crazy.

Duct tape can be found in almost every house. Some people use it regularly while others keep it in case of an emergency.

Bright Side is surprised by all the possible ways duct tape can be used and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve found!

1. Perfect horn replacement

2. No more cracks in the sidewalk!

3. Spare wheel? What’s that?

4. DIY mail box

5. For small holes only

6. The best protective mask

7. Thanks to duct tape, this table won’t lie on your knees.

8. Even the plane’s ceiling panels!

9. Duct tape is essential for any aircraft...

10. ...and for moving!

11. Everything for safety!

12. “Please, take a seat.”

13. Support for a building’s support

14. Ultimate ventilation

15. Even birds need duct tape!

16. Product holder

17. Duct tape won’t leave you without a faucet.

18. DIY fashion bra

19. This tool could bind anything together.

How do you use duct tape? Are you ready to try some of the above methods? Write us in the comments.


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I am shocked by #32, what happens when she wants to take it off?!


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