4 Things Your Eyebrow Artist Is Not Likely to Tell You

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5 years ago

Well-groomed eyebrows are not going to get any less trendy any time soon, which means eyebrow artists will have a lot of clients. And the eyebrows done by an unprofessional artist can dramatically change the way a person looks. How do you avoid making a mistake when choosing your eyebrow artist? Which mistakes should you avoid when taking care of your eyebrows?

Bright Side has read tips from eyebrow artists and is ready to answer all these questions in a detailed way.

1. Pay attention to the artist’s tools.

In order to shape eyebrows perfectly, artists use tweezers, brushes, and many other tools. Unlike a manicure or pedicure, when having your eyebrows done the possibility of making contact with the blood is not high, but hygiene is still important. Also, notice if the eyebrow artist disinfects your skin before working on your eyebrows.

Tweezers and brushes have to be soaked in a special solution after every client and go through a thermal treatment. Don’t be shy about asking your beauty salon what their safety precautions are because your health depends on it.

2. Be careful with eyebrow tinting.

In order to tint eyebrows, artists use either a special dye or henna. You should ask your artist which one they are going to use to dye tint your eyebrows. This is because henna is natural and can cause an allergic reaction, the worst-case scenario, it can even provoke Quincke’s disease. So, it’s best to get tested for an allergic reaction both for henna or whatever the artist is going to use.

Henna is a little less aggressive than dye and dries the hair out but the result is more long-term. If you don’t have any problems with henna, you should choose it.

It’s important to choose the right color and a good eyebrow master can do it easily and maybe even mix several shades to get the best color. Remember the following rule: the eyebrows should look just a little darker than your natural hair color if you are blonde and a little lighter if you have dark hair.

3. Don’t get microblading or tattooing.

Microblading and tattooing are procedures where an eyebrow artist draws hair in the spots where it is missing. But even if you have really thin eyebrows, you should give up on the idea of having these procedures right now unless you want to deal with a whole catalog of problems.

There are too many risks. You don’t know how your skin will react to the pigment or what color you will have in the end and if you don’t like it or want to remove it, you will need a laser procedure. There is not a single professional makeup artist that will recommend this procedure to you.

4. Choose the right shape.

All eyebrow artists ask their clients about the eyebrow shape they would like to have. But an experienced person will first listen to the client and give their recommendations later. A professional eyebrow artist will base the eyebrow shape on the shape of your face and even the way your face looks when you speak. They pay attention to a lot of details that we don’t even realize about ourselves.

Before getting to work, your artist should ask you to make faces and smile: this is how they can see the special things about your face. For example, if you slightly raise your right eyebrow when talking, then it doesn’t need any additional lifting.

Of course, the client has the right to make the final decision but still, a good makeup artist tries to explain what can be corrected and how. If an artist realized that you picked the wrong shape, they should help you understand exactly what is bad about it.

Bonus: Basic eyebrow care tips

You don’t absolutely have to visit an eyebrow artist every other week. There are some things that you can easily do by yourself to shape your eyebrows:

  • Flip the tweezer upside down and place it vertically, along your nose through the inner corner of your eye. Mark the line of work on each of the eyebrows using a pencil. Check to see if the lines on the nose bridge are symmetrical. Remove the hair in between.
  • Mark your endpoints by putting the tweezer on the outer side of your eye. The exact place where the tweezer touches your eyebrow is where the hair should end. Remove the hair beyond the line marked with the pencil.
  • Now you should determine the eyebrow thickness. Draw a point that marks the lowest part of your hair and remove all the hair below it.
  • Finally, shape your arch. Experts say that the peak of the brow should be right under your brow bone. The tail should be just a bit thinner than the main part.
  • In order to adjust the eyebrow shape, you can use a special gel.

Do you visit eyebrow artists or do you take care of your eyebrows yourself? Tell us in the comment section below.

Illustrated by Anastasiya Pavlova for Bright Side


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