5 Appliances That Burn Energy Even When They’re Turned Off

10 months ago

Did you know that home appliances can lead a "secret" life and continue working even when you’ve pushed the power button?

Bright Side did some research and found out which devices are especially mischievous and go on wasting energy even after they’re turned off.

A charger without a phone

A charger left in the socket goes on using up energy even when there’s no device connected to it. The power is minimal, though, so it doesn’t hit our wallet too much.

A digital TV tuner

TV tuners continue working after you turn them off and waste up to $22 worth of energy a year.

Most of us don’t even bother switching our tuners to standby mode, thinking that turning off the TV is enough. This results in 5 times the cost.


You did know that pushing the power button sends the TV to standby mode, not turn it off, didn’t you? This consumes about $25 worth of energy a year.

PCs and laptops

Even turned off, PCs and laptops go on working. That’s why when you unplug them, you can save up to $100 per year.

Those who leave their machines in standby mode can multiply this amount by 1.5.

Devices with a timer

Such a little-noticed detail as a working timer can tell you the device is still on. By unplugging such an appliance, you save up to $114 a year.

Should you unplug them?

Some may think the above sums are small, while others would be impressed.

In any case, unplugging devices is still worth it: an unforeseen power surge may leave you penniless with a whole house of burned appliances.

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