5 Positive Things That Will Happen to You If You Stop Shaving Your Body Right Now

3 years ago

Despite a study revealing that a majority of women shave, there is a new trend where women are putting down their razors and not looking back. While shaving is a personal choice, there are some positive reasons to stop doing it.

Bright Side has researched some of the positive effects that letting our body hair grow can have on our health, and we want to tell you about them.

1. It can stop painful chafing.

Our body hair can act as a protective layer and stop skin from chafing, which is important for areas like our underarms. This means that shaving can lead to skin irritation due to friction, and even the formation of skin tags.

2. It can protect you against many pathogens.

Hair actually stops harmful pathogens from entering our bodies, especially in the pubic region. This means that it can act as a barrier, protecting our sensitive areas by collecting harmful bacteria. The hair can also prevent bruising and irritation, especially the kind that is caused by hair removal.

3. It will help you get rid of ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs are not only inconvenient, but they can also create potential health risks and cause discomfort. This is because they may get infected and this can result in the need for medical attention.

4. Your body temperature will be better regulated.

When we shave our bodies, we lose a natural temperature controller because our hair is an important part of keeping us warm. This is particularly true for our underarms and pubic region, where the hair is the thickest.

5. It can save you a lot of time and money.

Not only can shaving take time, but it also drains our bank accounts. This is because of something called the “pink tax.” Essentially, female products are taxed higher than men’s, and this is evident in the huge price difference between women’s and men’s razors.

Do you think women should stop shaving their bodies? Do you have any other benefits to add to the list?

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I for one, will definitely NOT be giving up shaving. I can't think of anything more gross than having hairy armpits 🤢 🤮


Not sure if a male opinion is needed here.. but when I see girls with unsaved armpits, I don't feel too good. I know it becomes more popular now and girls can do whatever they want with their bodies.. But I personally can't look at it without feeling nervous ?


I barely have any irritation or ingrown hairs after shaving.. you can just gently scrub your body after to open the pores and prevent it. It might seem like a long thing, but why not to give yourself some love and massage?


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