6 Large Families That Impressed the World

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4 years ago

How does having almost 100 children sound to you? Adults are biologically made to feel attracted to babies’ adorable faces and round cheeks, and some people don’t want to stop having those lovable faces around. You’ve heard of people having 3 kids, 5, or maybe 7, but the families we’re about to introduce you to are way bigger than the average ones.

Bright Side would like to show you some of the largest families that are famous because of their size and bond.

1. The Zionas

Ziona was born in India and married his first wife Zathiangi at 17. He has one of the largest living families, with 39 wives and 94 children. With so many people in the family, they can consume up to 200 pounds of rice and 130 pounds of potatoes per day. They all live in a 100-room building and support themselves with their own animals and crops. He’s also the leader of the Indian Christian sect called Chana páwl and believes he will soon rule the world along with Jesus.

2. The Bates

The Bates are an Evangelical American family from Tennessee with 19 children. Parents Gil and Kelly Jo were only 22 and 21 years old when they decided to get married in 1987. They never really wanted a big family, but after having their first baby a year later, they kept going because they loved holding babies. Since then, they’ve expanded until they had their last baby in 2012. They also have 10 grandchildren and are expecting to welcome 4 more soon.

They also have their own reality show, Bringing Up Bates.

3. The Hanns

This family from Dundee is probably the biggest one in Scotland. Emma and Roy have 13 children that range from the ages of 2 to 25 years old. Roy works as a nurse practitioner, and Emma, 49, is a stay at home mom that organizes the lives of her more than 10 kids who consume around 50 pints of milk, 21 loaves of bread, and 5 big boxes of cereal per week.

They were also featured in a CBBC special called My Life: My Big Family Wedding.

4. The Radfords

Noel and Sue Radford met when they were kids and didn’t wait long before starting a family. She was just 14 and he was 18 when they welcomed their first child, Christopher, into the world. They’re the biggest family in Britain with 21 children, and one more on the way. Included in their now 22 children there’s an angel, Alfie, who was a stillborn. They even have their own show, 15 Kids and Counting.

The Radfords live in Morecambe, England, in a large house that used to be a nursing home and the parents own and run a successful bakery called Radford’s Pie Company.

5. The Duggars

Jim and Michelle met in 1980 in Arkansas. He paid her a visit as a member of the Baptist church after she declared her intention to change religions, and that’s when their love story began. 4 years later, Jim, 19 and Michelle, 17, got married. They wanted to wait before having kids, so she gave birth to her first baby boy, Joshua, in 1988. To this day they have 19 kids, half of them are homeschooled and they are also grandparents to 17 grandchildren.

They too have caught the eye of the media and followed in the footsteps of the Radford family with their own reality TV show called 19 Kids and Counting.

6. The Bonells

Consisting of Mama, Papa, and their 16 children, the Bonell family is one of the biggest families in all of Australia. Jeni, who is now in her 50s, didn’t want kids at first, but her husband Ray had other plans. The Bonell family now has 16 children from ages 4 to 29, including grandchildren, and they happily spend their days in Queensland. In case you were wondering how they manage it all, in an interview, Jeni revealed that everyone in the family pitches in when it comes to chores around the house and grocery shopping is done in bulk.

Do you come from a large or small family? Do you think that the size of your family impacted the number of kids you’d like to have, if any? Please tell us about your experience below!


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I have 5 children ages ranging from 21 to 12 plus 2 grandchildren I thought my family was large when they were young but honestly I wish I would have had more I've got 1 boy and 4 girls but I miss the days were they needed me for everything now I feel lost because my whole life revolved around them


you don't know Turkish families last 5 of those families are even smaller than average of country families, i have 52 cousin and 60+ nephew from them???????????


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