6 Signs You’re in Trouble Without Even Realizing It

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The era of new technology has a positive impact on our life, but also brings on potential problems. Hackers, swindlers, and scammers use any possible way to steal our personal data as well as our money. And sometimes, they can do it without us even realizing a thing.

Our Bright Side team has prepared a list of warning signs that may occur in any life situation that you ought to pay attention to.

1. Your battery is draining faster.

If your battery has started to drain faster than it used to, it may be because your smartphone has been hacked. The reason for this is that the malicious software you don’t see is running in the background, consuming more power. The consequences of this may be a loss of data, the misuse of personal information, and financial loss.

2. A person you’re talking to online gives you excessive compliments.

In current times, a lot of people meet and date through social networks or dating apps. But since we are dealing with people we don’t know, it’s important to always be careful. If a person you’re talking to starts the communication with excessive compliments and sentiments, there is a risk that they have some hidden motives. If they ask for your address, ask for financial assistance, or claim to be recently widowed with children, these are all red flags, and you must think carefully before continuing the conversation.

3. An employer asks you to send money.

If you’re happy about finding a job, but your new employer asks you to send some money, never do it. Sometimes scammers will ask for money as a job guarantee to “reserve” your place or to pay for a training course or certification to gain eligibility. You never should pay for your job — a truly legitimate employer will never ask you to do that.

4. A landlord cannot show you the house.

Wherever you are, sometimes it’s hard to find good accommodations without losing money. There are people who are not actual landlords, but scammers who want to steal money. If you talk to a potential landlord who claims to possess the property but can’t show it physically because they are not in town and can only share photos/videos instead, that’s a scam. Usually, these scammers promise to send you the key once you pay for the rent and a deposit but, in reality, they will just get your money and never send anything.

5. Your phone interface has changed.

In this era of booming technology, there are a lot of people who try to steal our data and put us in danger. We sometimes don’t even know someone has tried to steal our data until it’s too late. One of the signs people have hacked your phone is the changing of the color and shape (see example above) of symbols or themes. If you see that something has changed on your current interface, there is a chance that your phone has been hacked.

6. Your friend says they’re in trouble.

If your friend or family member sends you a message that they are in trouble and asks you to send money immediately, don’t do it. There’s a chance that their accounts have been hacked, and you can become a victim of a financial scam. Of course, if you are afraid of your loved ones, just call them — scammers won’t do anything in this case.

Have you encountered any of these problems before? What did you do to solve it?

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