6 Signs a Woman Is Interested in Your Husband & What to Do About It

What should you do if another woman is interested in your husband? We have identified several signs of this and will tell you the best way out of this situation.

Bright Side offers you an action plan to know how to react when someone flirts with your significant other.

1. Study the circumstances.

Determine if a reaction is worth your time and sanity by evaluating the context of the situation. After all, it’s not your husband’s fault that another woman is flirting with him.

Suppose it’s something temporary and it takes place right in front of you, like a long conversation between your husband and another woman at a party, or shared laughter between them and your cousin. In that case, it may be convenient to just let it go. The mere fact that this happens in front of your eyes is a signal that, most likely, there is nothing they’re hiding or that should worry you. They’re only having a good time.

2. If it’s light flirting, use it in your favor to reconnect with your partner.

Situations like those we described above can generate jealousy because we realize that our husband can be interested in someone else’s attention.

But instead of releasing jealousy in a negative way, it’s smarter to make it work in your favor. The woman who’s enjoying your husband’s jokes or conversation is seeing something special and attractive in him, it’s clear. Try rediscovering that yourself. Chances are, you’ll quickly recognize how lucky you are to be next to him and may even get motivated to work harder in your relationship.

3. If flirting is intense or persistent, watch their reaction.

Suppose the woman flirting with your husband is regularly present in his life, like a colleague or childhood friend. In that case, things can become extremely uncomfortable or jeopardize the relationship.

Watch how your husband handles the situation. If he doesn’t flirt back, if he radically changes the subject, or if he involves you in the conversation, it’s evident that he’s trying to stop the flirter’s inappropriate behavior.

4. Tell your partner what you think and feel.

It’s also possible that your husband may get uncomfortable after unwanted insinuations, but he gets shy or doesn’t know how to stop the comments. Maybe he doesn’t even know that the circumstances are irritating you. In that case, it’s best to be honest with each other — express that another woman’s behavior bothers you, explain why you think it’s inappropriate, and ask them to stop it quickly the next time it happens.

We recommend that you approach the conversation with a positive attitude. You can make your husband feel appreciated and flattered with your jealous reaction. But if you treat them as a suspect, you could welcome an argument.

5. Take the bull by the horns and confront the flirter.

Feeling jealous may make you want to get up and tell that flirter a couple of things, and in extreme cases, you should. If it’s someone you’re familiar with or close to, like your family’s close friend, and the flirtation is getting out of control, separate that person from the crowd and confront them with the truth.

Let’s say a woman you work with keeps smiling suspiciously at your husband, laughing at his jokes, and going out of her way to touch his arm and get her face close to his, carelessly. If something signals that this was done unintentionally, explain what you think and tell her that what she did made you upset.

But suppose it’s evident that another woman is shamelessly acting on her own accord. In that case, it is enough to describe the scene and unmask her by asking why she’s behaving so boldly.

6. Reconsider the general picture of your relationship.

Although it’s not your husband’s fault that another woman is flirting with them, it’s a whole other story if he welcomes it with open arms or even instigates it. In that case, be honest with yourself and accept that they should own their behavior.

It’s time to take a deep breath and study the relationship. Their behavior signals that there’s a more serious problem that you should pay attention to. This flirting can be a symptom that something deeper in your relationship or marriage is in trouble.

When was the last time you felt really jealous for no reason? Tell us your funniest story involving jealousy in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in October 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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I rarely feel jealous, but I think this can be thanks to my boyfriend - he never gives me a reason for it


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