7 Devices From Amazon Whose Only Mission Is Saving Your Precious Time

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Even those of us who adore cooking often dream of spending less time in the kitchen. Peeling and cutting the ingredients, cooking the dishes, and cleaning the tools afterward can take ages, and we can feel too tired to fully enjoy the tasty results of our work. Luckily, Amazon can help. There are a bunch of kitchen tools and devices that can save your precious time and nerves and help you find more pleasure in cooking and serving your favorite food.

1. This multifunctional chopper has become a real star on TikTok. It can chop, cut, slice, dice, shred, and even mash all sorts of vegetables and other foods in mere seconds! Cooking your favorite salads has never been easier or faster. This versatile 12-in-1 tool can become your best helper in the kitchen!

The set includes 7 interchangeable cutting blades, 1 egg separator, 1 container, 1 food drain basket, 1 hand protector, and 1 cleaning brush.

How it saves your time: With this chopper, you don’t have to switch between different graters, cutters, and other cooking tools and bowls to make a salad. You just need to change the blades, which takes seconds.

Promising review: Amazing tool, very useful in every kitchen. You can slice, chop, etc. There are 12 different options. It’s also great to cut potatoes for fries, we really like homemade fries, but it always took ages to cut all of the potatoes, and now it is much easier and faster. Also, it is very sturdy and easy to use. @Sun Rise

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

2. This boiled egg cracker can make your breakfast a bit faster if you’re in a hurry in the morning. This device will make a precise cut along the egg top and remove the shell so that you can enjoy your breakfast right away. No more bits of shell in your food!

Just pull up the ball on the top and release it. The spring mechanism will create a vibration and the sharp edge will precisely cut the boiled eggshell.

How it saves your time: There’s no need to spend much time trying to carefully peel the egg without damaging the whites.

Promising review: We have eggs quite often, and I was fed up with having bits of shell in my egg. A small problem, I know but who likes having a gritty shell in their yummy egg? I saw this and thought it would be a gimmick. How wrong I was! It’s a brilliant tool I’ve used every time, and does the job perfectly. You need a couple of go’s to get the pull up right, but once you’ve got the feel for it, the eggs are perfectly sliced across and even if it doesn’t remove the top completely (tends not to on large eggs), there is a straight cut through line on the egg to follow. Very happy with this perfect little gadget. @Yippy Chicken

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

3. With this garlic press, cooking dishes involving garlic will become a little faster. The crusher needs just a few seconds to turn garlic cloves into a paste, and the set also includes a peeler that will make the process even easier. The best thing about this device is that your hands won’t have that strong, enduring garlic smell.

Put the garlic clove in the garlic peeler, press it between your fingers, and then roll it back and forth. Then place the peeled garlic clove on the cutting board and press lightly with the crusher press.

How it saves your time: You will spend less time peeling garlic and less time washing the device because this garlic crusher press has a simple design.

Promising reviews: I don’t know where I have been without this, to be honest. It’s so handy to have an essential quick item to crush your garlic. @Ying Wong

Bought this for a friend and he is absolutely over the moon with it, he tells me on a daily basis how much he loves it. @mrs m l davies

Got this for my daughter with disabilities. Would recommend for anyone who has difficulty gripping. It is so easy to use and easy to clean. @G Pepperrell

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

4. If you need to neatly core a dozen apples, pears, bell peppers, or other fruits or vegetables, this corer is just what you need to get the job done fast. The ergonomic design of the handle makes it easy to use this device, and you won’t get tired. You can even use this tool to core your cupcakes!

A special lever opens the corer, and you can clean it quickly and easily.

How it saves your time: Just one push and turn is what it takes to core an apple with this device, while you need to make many more moves when you use a regular knife to do this job.

Promising reviews: Very handy tool. We have apple trees in the garden, and managing the fruit without it spoiling means peeling and removing the core from dozens of apples in a short period of time. This corer is perfect for the job. Fast and efficient. @Tim B

Easy and quite simple to use. Push the corer into your apple of choice and turn it right while pushing. Apples, pears, or whatever, it goes through easily. Suitable for people who lose grip. I very much recommend this item, and at such a reasonable cost. Don’t miss out. @Joseph Hagen

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

Recipe: Baked apples with oatmeal filling

Once you’ve cored your apples, you can stuff them with some tasty filling and cook a mouth-watering dessert.


  • 4 apples
  • 1 cup of rolled oats
  • ¼ cup of brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • ¼ cup of butter

Preheat oven to 350°F (175°C) and core the apples. Mix oats, brown sugar, and cinnamon together. Cut in the butter until all the ingredients are evenly combined. Spoon 1/4 of the oat mix into each apple. Bake the apples in the preheated oven until the apples are tender and the filling is bubbling.

5. With this hamburger patty maker press there’ll be no mess in the kitchen, and you’ll get neat and beautiful patties that are all the same size and shape quickly and easily. With this tool, it’s also pretty simple to add filling to your burger patties. The set includes wax paper that can be used to divide the patties.

The press is made of durable, non-stick materials.

How it saves your time: You don’t need to spend extra time measuring the minced meat portions to get patties that are the same size and shape.

Promising review: This is such a simple device, but it does a great job of compressing the mince into the proper patty shape. We like to make our own burgers because we can add the spices that we want (harissa to lamb burgers, chipotle and cheddar to beef, etc.), but it’s hard to shape the meat into a burger that cooks evenly. With the burger press it takes seconds, job done. @sausage

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

6. While in the kitchen, we spend time not only cooking, but also washing and cleaning. This 2-in-1 dish soap dispenser and sponge holder can make the dishwashing process quicker and less messy. The item has a 2-piece drip tray, a dispenser pump, and a transparent large-capacity caddy, and it looks pretty stylish.

Apart from saving you time, this dispenser will help you save dish soap too, as it controls the amount of soap delivered to the sponge with each press.

How it saves your time: You don’t need to take and open the bottle of dish soap every time you need to re-apply it to your sponge.

Promising review: I should have gotten it sooner. No more washing liquid spills around the sink! Kids used to miss the sponge all the time or waste it for all kinds of purposes. They can’t do that anymore, and the container looks very neat. It doubles as a sponge rest, so I have more space around my sink. Well worth the price since it saves me a lot of dish liquid — it will pay itself off soon. @M & M

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

7. If you love corn, but you don’t like the idea of spending much time peeling it, this corn peeler can come in handy. With this simple but efficient tool, there’ll be no mess in the kitchen, and no corn kernels will be wasted! The ergonomic handle will also help you grip the tool securely.

How it saves your time: The tool can peel off several rows of corn kernels at a time, which makes the whole process much faster.

Promising review: I wish I had one of these years ago. So easy to use and does a superb job. I highly recommend this tool. @Amazon Customer

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

Do you spend much time in the kitchen daily? What is your favorite time-saving kitchen appliance and why?

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