7 Haircut Trends of 2018 That Are Perfect for Those Wanting a Change

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3 years ago

There's a lot of diversity in the trending haircuts of 2018, and there's something for every length. Those who like to experiment will also be happy — bold colors and shapes are very trendy now. But also, there are some common trends that are "in" this season: multilayering, carefree waves, and the return of one forgotten detail.

Bright Side has prepared an overview of the coolest haircuts of 2018 for those who are ready for a change in their lives. Let's figure out which trends of 2017 are still popular today and what new things are popular this season.

7. Cascade and multilayering

The main hit of this season which is relevant for hair of any length is multilayering with volume. Cascade is the haircut that is extremely popular in 2018.

How to wear: The best way to wear layered haircuts is to make them somewhat carefree, with big waves and bold volume. Ombre dye will also make the look more original and fresh.

6. Bob and forehead

The bob, in all of its variations, is ever popular. For those who are not ready for a short haircut, there's a long version of this cut — called the long bob, or the lob.

You can do some experimenting with the bob, make it a little asymmetric, or add torn edges.

How to wear: A bob is good for carefree styling and gives a classic shape. This haircut will give you maximum versatility. There are also many ways to dye it: ombre, highlights, and all-over-color.

5. Ultrashort: crew cut and undercut

Now is the time for those who like extreme experimenting with their hair. This season, you can easily have a crew cut and still be at the top of the trend. And if a crew cut seems too much for you, there's a variation called an undercut where you can keep the longer top and cut the sides.

How to wear: With your head held high. Still not extreme enough? Then add a bright color. Done, now you are perfect.

4. Pixie and garçon

You want a short haircut but not that extreme? Then there are two more trends for you: pixie and garçon — a "boy" haircut with French charm or the image of a perky elf. They can both be very feminine and kind of crazy.

How to wear: Volume and careless styling, "a creative mess" is also okay. You should pick a bright color for these cuts, and pixie looks great in 2-3 colors.

3. Perfect geometry

For those who don't like the messy look, there is great news: a perfect geometry cut also looks very appropriate and stylish this year. Perfect bangs, and beautiful tips for any hair length — is exactly what you need. So, if this is your style, just relax and choose it.

How to wear: Ideally straight. You should know that geometrically perfect haircuts require a lot of attention, any flaws are noticeable so you should choose the stylist and the color very carefully.

2. Retro: pageboy, sassoon, gavroche

If you've read this far and still haven't found an option you like, you'll be happy to hear that the haircuts that are "in" this season are from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, like the pageboy, the sassoon, and the gavroche.

How to wear: Carefully. Retro haircuts require classic color tidiness.

1. Bangs are back

Great news: bangs are very popular this year. And you have a lot of choices: they can be perfectly straight, thin, thick, short, long, or even split into two halves.

How to wear: The most important thing is to find the right shape of bangs based on the shape of your forehead, and the styling and color are limited only by your imagination.

Would you like to try any of these haircuts?


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