7 Habits of Indonesian Women to Help You Slow Down Aging

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Although Indonesian women have a lot of sun exposure on their skin, they still manage to look gorgeous. As many cultures do, they use their own national resources that are different from others. Some secrets are ancient but still effective and can bring great benefits to the whole body.

We at Bright Side are sure that ancient beauty treatments are a pleasure for the soul and body, and we’re sharing old Indonesian secrets with you today.

1. Drinking a special Indonesian drink

Jamu is a traditional Indonesian drink made of natural ingredients. It has been used for centuries to maintain good health, and nowadays, you can order it in Indonesian restaurants and cafes.

You can try this recipe:

  • Turmeric — 125 grams
  • Ginger — 20 grams
  • Black pepper — a pinch
  • Lemon — 2 tablespoons
  • Honey — 2 tablespoons
  • Coconut water — 4 cups

2. Using an ancient body scrub technique

Indonesians have a special ritual to cleanse, soften, and purify the skin. It’s called lulur treatment and was originally a wedding ritual. The procedure has 4 steps:

  1. The foot cleansing and body scrub are made of rice flour, pandan leaves, cinnamon, and turmeric.
  2. Next is a full body massage with virgin coconut oil and palm pressure.
  3. Applying fresh to balance the PH.
  4. Then soak in a tub of fragrant flower blossoms.

Of course, you can’t perform a full body massage by yourself, but you can at least try this scrub at home. The recipe is not difficult, but has been proven effective over the centuries.

3. Applying a traditional Balinese Boreh wrap

One more traditional and old ritual is the Boreh wrap. It’s a warming body mask or wrap that can relieve muscular pains while stimulating blood circulation.

Also, it’s used to clean pores and release toxins. You can make a full wrap or try it just on a certain area, like the hands. To prepare this mask, Balinese people mix ginger, cinnamon, coffee, clove, turmeric, rice, rice powder, and black pepper.

4. Using tummy masks

There is one popular ritual practiced among pregnant Indonesian women. You need to apply a special mask to your tummy. It’s made of ground rice and “kencur,” which is a ginger-like root. The mask promotes skin elasticity and helps to prevent stretch marks.

After a woman gives birth, a midwife gives a regular postnatal massage and then places this herbal wrap on the stomach.

5. Applying an everyday Indonesian treatment

Except for special beauty rituals, Indonesians also have an everyday treatment they use. One of these procedures is called the bedak dingin (cool powder). It’s a facial mask that even royals used in olden times.

The main ingredient is rice flour, which contains vitamin B and thiamine. Thanks to those ingredients, the mask maintains moisture and protects the face from getting sunburned. Nowadays, you can buy ready masks at cosmetic shops, or you can make them yourself.
Besides, as a toner, you can use rice water. Take a half cup of rice and fill it with water. Let it soak for a few minutes until the water turns cloudy. Pour the water into another glass. You can store this toner in a refrigerator.

6. Drinking coconut water every day

Indonesian women suggest drinking coconut water every day. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals, is fat-free, boosts your metabolism, and prevents dry skin. Nowadays, there is no need to cut a real coconut to get its water. You can find ready packs in most grocery stores.

7. Adding fresh avocado to hair conditioner

Indonesians share that they condition their hair with a traditional “crème bath.” If you have dry hair, they suggest adding fresh avocado to your conditioner. Then massage and steam it for a few minutes before washing it off.

What traditions do you have to support your beauty? Have you ever tried juices with turmeric? How did you like it?

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