7 Kind Stories That Moved Us to Tears

3 years ago

All of us are sometimes ready to give up when being faced with problems makes us feel powerless. And in these moments, relatives, friends, and other people we know come to help.

Bright Side has collected kind stories that will make you believe that we are able to do seemingly impossible things if we just unite. And at the end of the article, there is a bonus that proves there is nothing more important than our children.

A guy with Down syndrome lost his movie collection in a fire. It was really valuable for him, so people helped him restore it.

Mark Orsillo, 34, lives with his parents in Oroville, California. Mark has Down syndrome, and one of the most valuable things in his life was his movie collection. He had 300 movies from the 90s. When Mark’s house burned down, along with many other houses nearby, his collection was destroyed.

Mark was in tears when he told his sister Daniella Devine. She wrote about this on her Facebook page asking people to donate DVDs for her brother. Users didn’t just fully restore the collection but also donated $10,000 for Mark’s family to help them re-build their home.

A girl asked internet users to find a toy truck that was no longer produced because her disabled brother wanted it for Christmas.

A US designer named Cathrine has a 25-year-old brother named Max who is mentally about 5 years old. The only thing he wanted for Christmas was a Blue Police Hummer truck that was made in 2000. Cathrine buys him a new truck every Christmas. But recently, the production of the toy was stopped and it’s become much harder to find it. Her brother plays with this truck for hours, so it often breaks. Max is also really attentive, so if a truck is fake, he recognizes it right away.

Cathrine asked internet users to help her find this truck. Her post was seen by thousands of people who started looking for the blue Hummer in their homes, on the internet, and they even contacted the Tonka company that promised to search through all of their warehouses in the US and China and send as many trucks as they could find.

Internet users collected more than $350,000 for a poor, old man who sold ice cream.

Joel Cervantes Macias, from Chicago, once saw an old man on the street with an ice cream cart. Everyone ignored the man and Joel felt sorry for him. He bought 20 packs of ice cream and after that, started a crowdfunding campaign to collected $3,000 to give the man a break.

People were so moved by this story that in just 4 days, they managed to collect $350,000. Joel found the ice cream man and learned his story. It turns out that the man’s wife was sick and his daughter had died, so he had to take care of his little granddaughters. Now he plans to spend the raised money on his family and give the rest to people in need.

A 9-year-old boy invited 30 people to his birthday party but none of them showed up. Then, his grandmother asked for help online.

Gerald Hamilton, a second-grader, invited 30 people to his birthday party and 12 of them agreed to come. But the day of his party came and no one showed up. His mother called the parents of the invited children, but they said things like, “My child can’t be friends with yours because he’s different.” The thing is, Gerald has had several brain surgeries and he is a little underdeveloped compared to the other kids. But he is a kind child who craves the friendship of other children.

His grandmother posted her thoughts on Facebook where she asked people to congratulate her grandchild. Soon, a policeman with a police dog knocked at their door and asked the boy to come celebrate his birthday with a team of policemen and firemen from their town. Gerald also got over 1000 cards from internet users and a lot of presents and invitations.

A man was going to jump off of a roof but the people passing by gathered at the building and convinced him to not do it.

In Springfield, a man climbed up to the roof of a building intending to commit suicide. It was really windy and he was near the edge. Policemen spent 15 hours trying to convince him to come down but he wouldn’t talk to them.

People passing by decided to help too — several dozen of people gathered at the building with signs saying things like, “You’re important,” “It’ll be alright,” “You’re not alone,” and “We care.” They also sang “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers. 6 hours later the man climbed down the ladder and was taken to the hospital.

Internet users bought prostheses for a dog that got caught in a bear trap.

A dog named Forest was walking through woods and got caught in a bear trap. The more he fought, the tighter the grip became. Forest spent 2 weeks in the trap and in order to survive, he ate tree bark and licked snow. When the dog was found, he was on the verge of death.

His front and hind legs were seriously damaged and had to be amputated. The story became famous on the internet and users collected money for his surgery and for his prostheses. Now Forest happily runs around on his new legs.

A deaf and mute guy asked people from different countries to help him propose to his girlfriend.

A Ukrainian girl named Anna Davidenko who was visiting Bangkok shared an unusual proposal story on Facebook: “A guy approached me today. He typed on his phone, ‘I’m deaf and mute and I have a question for you. Where are you from?’ I said I was from Kiev, Ukraine. He typed that he couldn’t speak or hear, but his girlfriend could. And he wanted to propose to her and have her hear it.

He gathered 6 people from different countries and when his girlfriend arrived, we all said the requested 4 lines taking turns in different languages. We were speaking and crying because it was impossible not to get emotional. At moments like this, you realize, there are no borders. None at all. We make them up ourselves.”

Bonus: Female soldiers breastfeeding in full uniform

Photographer Tara Ruby used to serve in the U.S. Air Force. She found out that a special nursing room was being built at the Fort Bliss Army post in El Paso, Texas. Before that, the absence of these rooms on military bases was a huge problem. That was the moment when she realized she needed to do something to support the idea. She put out a call on Facebook for breastfeeding mothers to show up for a photo shoot. 10 women responded — they agreed to help and showed up for the shoot in full uniform.

Which of these stories impressed you the most? Share your opinion in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Tara Ruby


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