7 Movies That Tweaked the True Stories They Are Based On

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Making movies based on facts involves a great challenge. Faithfully portraying an event in particular, while at the same time creating an entertaining, coherent and self-functioning story, leads to several changes being made with respect to what is historically correct.

At Bright Side, we show you some movies that changed part of the real facts to make the movie lighter.

1. John Nash did not give an emotional speech on receiving the Nobel Prize as in A Brilliant Mind.

The Oscar-winning movie, A Wonderful Mind, took several liberties when it came to telling the story of mathematician John Nash. One of the most notable is when he receives his Nobel Prize in economics and gives an emotional speech in which he talks about love. In real life, he did not give a speech or give a reading for the acceptance of the award.

2. Characters were invented specifically for Dallas Buyers Club

The Dallas Buyers Club portrays a raw and touching story, which earned Matthew McConaughey an Oscar as best actor for his great performance. In it, some real people were removed (such as the protagonist’s sister and daughter) and others were added, such as the doctor played by Jennifer Garner and the character of Jared Leto.

3. Michael Oher already knew how to play before the adoption, unlike what’s seen in the movie The Blind Side.

The Blind Side tells in a touching way the story of Michael Oher, who, accompanied by the character of Sandra Bullock, overcomes obstacles and succeeds in American football.

However, Michael himself did not like the way he is portrayed in the movie, since there, it is his tutor who teaches him some basic fundamentals of the game. The footballer alleged, “I have been studying — really studying — the game since I was a child.”

4. Unlike Captain Phillips, the captain was not as heroic as he is portrayed.

Captain Phillips narrates the odyssey suffered by a cargo ship, after being boarded by a group of pirates. In it, the captain, played by Tom Hanks, is portrayed as the hero who handled the entire tense situation.

However, many crew members who were there at the time disagree with the vision of in the movie, assuring that it was the very irresponsibility of the captain that put them in that situation in the first place.

5. In reality, Mary was older than Anne, unlike in The Other Boleyn Girl.

The Other Boleyn Girl tells the true story of the sisters Anne, Mary and their dispute over the love of the King of England, Henry VIII. There is certainly controversy about the age difference between the two sisters, although many historians claim that in fact, Maria was the older sister.

The movie decided to show Anna as an older sister and Maria as a younger one.

6. Queen hadn’t been out of the game for years like they said in Bohemian Rhapsody.

Bohemian Rhapsody takes several creative licenses when it comes to telling the story of Freddie Mercury and the legendary band Queen. One of the most notorious appears when telling about the concert of the group, at the Live Aid event. In the movie, Queen returns to the stage after several years. This is false, since the band had finished their tour just two months before the big recital.

7. The events in The Sound of Music took place some time before.

The Sound of Music is one of the greatest classics in the history of cinema, supported by the great performance of the legendary Julie Andrews. While the movie is set in approximately 1938, in reality, Maria von Trapp was introduced to the von Trapp family a few years earlier, in approximately 1926.

Do you remember another movie with similar mistakes? Do you think they are avoidable, or do you think they help improve the story?


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