7 Signs You Wash Your Hair Too Often

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3 years ago

Some of us can’t let a day go by without washing our hair and some lucky people can get by with only washing it once a week. And although it might seem that washing your hair day after day is helping it stay clean and healthy, it is actually the other way around. And if you start noticing that your tresses aren’t looking their best, you may want to watch out for some signs that your washing schedule may be too intense.

We at Bright Side believe less is more when it comes to shampooing your locks. And we searched the internet to find some warning signs that show your hair may be asking you to give it a break from shampoo.

1. You notice more hair loss than usual.

While it is totally normal to lose some hair in the shower, washing it too often and using too much shampoo can affect its growth and can eventually lead to shedding. Shampooing too frequently strips away natural oils produced by your scalp, affecting its microbiome. When your scalp is out of balance, it prevents new hair from growing, makes your tresses more fragile, and can result in hair loss. To keep your scalp’s microbiome in balance, it’s recommended to use mild, sulfate-free shampoos and to stretch out your hair washes.

2. You see a lot of split ends.

Trimming your hair regularly can help you keep split ends at bay, but the habit of washing your hair daily could be sabotaging the good effects of your haircut. Wet hair is extra fragile and prone to breakage, so the more you wash it, the more chances your ends be split. Over washing and aggressive towel-drying sap moisture from your hair which can result in overly dry and rough ends.

3. Your hair looks greasier than usual.

Although shampoo is supposed to leave your hair squeaky-clean, it can actually make it oilier. When you wash your hair too often, it causes your scalp to overproduce oil to rehydrate. Washing your hair less often is actually a key to keeping it clean for longer, and you can train your oil glands to produce less oil by gradually waiting longer between hair washes.

4. Your hair looks less shiny.

If you start noticing that your hair looks extra thirsty and has lost its shine, chances are it may need a break from washing. A constant lack of moisture can impact the texture of your hair, leaving it dull and lifeless. In addition to stripping out the oils from your hair, shampooing too often can also lead to residue build-up, causing your hair to look less shiny.

5. Your hair color fades fast.

If you have dyed hair, paying attention to how long the color stays vibrant can often indicate whether you’re washing it too much. Shampooing your locks too frequently can dull the color and make it fade faster. It’s recommended that you train your tresses to be washed every 2-3 days and use products made specifically for color-treated hair.

6. Your hair looks frizzy.

If your hair keeps getting frizzy, this might be another sign that you’re shampooing it too often. Frizzy hair is typically damaged due to coloring or heat, and over washing it will make it even more fragile. To tame the frizz, limit your washes to 2-3 times a week and use a resetting spray to revive your hair.

7. Your hair gets tangled easily.

Daily washes cause the cuticle of your hair to stay open, making it become more dry and brittle. This, in turn, results in knots and tangles in your hair, and when you brush it, the comb may get stuck, damaging your hair even more.

How often do you wash your hair? Do you know of any tricks that can help your hair look clean for longer?

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