7 Tricky Riddles That Can Test Your Intelligence

2 years ago

Logical riddles are one of the most effective ways of to develop your thinking skills and intelligence. Unusual tasks are like “brain gymnastics” which are useful for everybody. We offer you to take part in this intellectual mini-marathon to test your logic and attention.

We at Bright Side have collected 7 tasks where every single one is harder than the one before it. But remember — sometimes things are easier than they seem. You’ll find the answers at the end. Good luck.

1. 7 sisters in the cottage

Seven sisters went to the cottage and every single one of them decided to start doing something. The first one started reading a novel, the second one started frying pancakes, the third started playing chess, the fourth started doing crosswords, the fifth started doing the laundry, the sixth started watering the plants.

And what did the seventh sister do?

2. Shoe theft

One young man inherited two factories where very beautiful ladies’ shoes were produced. All was going well until the man noticed that the employees started stealing the beautiful shoes for their girlfriends and wives. And there was no way to catch everyone!

What decision did the young man make to decrease the number of stolen shoes?

3. Cat and Mouse

When it’s raining, the cat is in the room or in the basement.

When the cat is in the room, the mouse is in the burrow and the cheese is in the fridge.

If the cheese is on the table and the cat is in the basement, then the mouse is in the room.

Now, it’s raining and the cheese is on the table.

Where are the cat and the mouse?

4. How many femurs do you have?

On an exam, a professor gave a female student a femur and asked:

— How many femurs do you have?

— Five!

— Wrong! You have only two femurs.

But the student was right. How is this possible?

5. Fill in the blank.

6. Connect all the dots using only 3 lines.

7. What do you see other than a bull?

Now, let’s see how many right answers you managed to find!


1. The seventh sister is playing chess with the third.

2. The owner ordered one factory to produce only the right shoes and the other one — only the left shoes.

3. According to the task, the cat can be in 2 places: either in the room or in the basement. But the cat can’t be in the room because the cheese is not in the fridge — it’s on the table. So the cat is in the basement. We know that the cheese is on the table and the cat is in the basement. This means that the mouse is in the room.

4. The student was pregnant. She meant her 2 femurs, the 2 femurs of her child, and the one that she was holding in her hand.

5. Robert is the name of Maya’s father.

6. You need to make a triangle, like this:

7. When you flip the Chicago Bulls logo upside down, it looks like a robot reading a book on a park bench.

How many riddles did you manage to solve? Which one did you like the best?

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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