7 Types of Smartphone Injuries and How to Avoid Them

3 years ago

Smartphones have practically become an extension of our hands. Although having our cellphones may seem very convenient, we face the issue of addiction. There is even an estimate that says we spend over a day a week on our phones. This addiction can even be translated into actual injuries.

We at Bright Side want to keep you safe from hurting yourself while using your smartphone. To understand what these injuries are and figure out how to avoid them, keep on reading.

1. iPosture

Also known as “iHunch” and “Text neck,” iPosture is a term for the position we put ourselves in when using our smartphones and laptops. Because we are hunched over and have our necks bent forward, this causes neck pain and may even result in muscle weakness.

How to prevent it? Avoid hunching, stretch, and make sure electronic devices are at eye level.

2. Smartphone pinky

If you noticed your pinky finger from your dominant hand is looking a bit ... crooked, you may find this a little odd. This strange phenomenon is known as “smartphone pinky.” Despite this condition being considered temporary and even natural, there are still negative aspects that could happen to you. Holding your phone in one position could lead to strain in your arms and fingers, and even nerve damage.

In order to prevent it, exercise your hands daily, clenching them into a fist and stretching your fingers.

3. Cell phone elbow

“Cell phone elbow” or “tech arm” are non-medical terms for “carpal tunnel syndrome.” Symptoms include a feeling of tingling and numbness in the index, middle, and thumb fingers if your elbow is flexed beyond 90°. To avoid it, reduce your phone usage time, change positions, and stretch your hands and arms.

4. Text claw

If you experience cramping on your fingers and muscle aching, you may have a condition called “text claw.” To prevent “text claw” / cubital tunnel syndrome from happening to you, change position constantly, use headsets when calling someone, and stretch. If needed, use heat / cold packs.

5. Texting thumb

“Texting thumb” is an inflammation of the tendon in the thumb, which can lead to pain around the knuckles or a clicking sensation. This condition is usually caused by smaller phones. In order to prevent it, use an accessory to release tension from your pinky finger while holding your phone and avoid holding it in a vertical position for too long.

6. Computer vision syndrome

For those of us who work every day with computers and phones, there is a possibility of experiencing eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, and blurred vision, as the digital screen requires high visual demand. This condition is called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). To prevent symptoms, using special lenses for glasses or contact lenses and adjusting your workplace according to your needs may be a good alternative.

7. Burns

This is one of the most worrisome practices of this list. Sleeping with your phone under your pillow or while charging offers the possibility of an explosion, potentially causing burns. If you do have this habit, make sure to stop, in order to avoid this danger.

Have you experienced any of these injuries? If you did tell us how you overcame it. If you didn’t, we’d be glad if you let us know how you stopped it!

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I often support my phone with a pinky when scrolling, it even hurts sometimes
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