7 Uses for Milk That Might Just Save Your Day

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3 years ago

As it turns out, milk can be used beyond the kitchen. It can become your choice to fight against cold sores or even clean your leather furniture and shoes. The alternative uses of milk might be just what you need for your body, hair, and even help you with your everyday chores.

We at Bright Side didn’t expect to find so many proven unconventional uses for milk, and we know that you might want to learn about these benefits too.

1. Use milk to soothe a burning eye.

Pouring and flushing your eyes with milk might seem unreal at first, but it can soothe an irritated eye. The 2 most common things that can sting your eyes are chili peppers and pepper spray. Both can cause a burning sensation, but trying to wash them with water can make them sting even more.

Use milk instead. First, wash your face with the milk, with your eyes closed. Next, you can flush your eyes with the milk.

2. Use milk as a fertilizer.

Milk was used as fertilizer in the old times and there are few good reasons why. First, it helps with plant growth. Next, it prevents calcium deficiencies and fights against powdery mildew. It might also keep the plant from getting sick.

Pour milk around the base so that the roots can slowly absorb it or place a bottle with milk (upside down) in the soil. However, remember that you shouldn’t mix milk with other fertilizers. If the chemicals get mixed with the milk, they can actually counteract the benefits of the milk.

3. You can straighten your hair with milk.

Using milk on your hair will not only help it grow and make it shiny and stronger, but it will help with straightening it. You just need a comb, a spray bottle, and 1/3 cup of milk.

Once you fill the bottle, start spraying, massaging, and combing your hair. Give your hair some time to soak up the milk and then rinse it so that it doesn’t have a bad smell later. This can help with wavy hair, but will not be able to help you straighten curly hair.

4. You can make paint with milk.

Milk is the main ingredient in making paint because it works as a binder for pigments. In fact, milk paint was used in ancient Egypt. The other ingredients that you need to make this type of paint are lemon, a sieve, cheesecloth, and acrylic paint or dry pigment.

Just make sure you apply it quickly so it doesn’t spoil. The sour smell of the walls will disappear once it dries out.

5. Use milk to remove makeup.

Milk is not only good for our hair, but for our skin too. So, instead of using chemical products for removing make-up, use milk. Apply a little bit of milk on your face and then wipe it off with a cotton ball or washcloth. The added benefit is that the proteins and fat in milk can help your skin stay hydrated by helping it retain moisture.

6. You can use milk to reduce insect bite inflammation.

The protein in the milk will help soothe the skin after a mosquito bite. But don’t use just milk. Mix it with water, soak a handkerchief, and apply it to the inflamed skin. The same milk mixture can be used for sunburns too.

7. Use milk to clean leather.

Whether you need to clean your leather handbag, couch, or shoes, milk can help you with removing stains and scuffs. It’s great because not only is it an inexpensive solution, but it also doesn’t remove the natural oils in the material. However, once you wipe the stained spot make sure you clean that area with a different cloth to remove any excess milk and avoid a spoiled smell.

Do you use milk for other purposes aside from cooking? Which tip would you like to try out first?


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