8 Behaviors That We Copy From Each Other Like Mirrors, and Here’s What It Means

3 years ago

Mimicking the behavior of others dates back to when humans first came to be. This is because it was needed not only to survive but also to evolve as a species and to figure out what was and wasn’t acceptable in society. Nowadays, we still do it — like when we laugh after seeing someone else do the same.

We at Bright Side have gathered 8 behaviors that are just as contagious as laughter and would like to share them with you.

1. Happiness

We’re more likely to be happier if we’re in direct contact with someone who’s constantly happy themselves. Their mood tends to be contagious in everything they do since their emotions are strong. An example of this is could be seen in a teacher who’s really excited about their profession.

Their students will be interested in what they have to say and feel happy and excited about the subject. Maybe a moment of happiness is just enjoying a sunset at the end of the day too. If you’re feeling down, meet up with a couple of friends — they’ll “contaminate” you.

2. Yawning

This behavior, in particular, might be a sign of empathy from the person who also yawns when someone else does it. It’s so contagious, in fact, that even our dogs yawn when we do it! It’s a sign of social bonding too. It’s happened to a lot of us, as seeing someone yawning makes us mindlessly follow. Now we know why.

3. Cravings

If you know a sweet-tooth that has just quit sugar, try not to eat it in front of them. That’s because when they see other people doing it, they’ll want to follow suit. It might cause them to relapse because their brains activate mirror neurons.

4. Smiling

If you smile when others do it, it might mean you’re empathizing with people. Doing this means we’re trying to experience what other people are feeling. Not only that, but it also helps us read the other person’s face. So if you can, smile, there are good reasons for it.

5. Social behavior

We copy the behavior of our friends and those close to us because it creates stronger bonds. We might even do it without realizing it. For example, married couples — especially ones who have been together for a long time — can copy each other’s facial expressions. It’s likely that it can increase with time.

6. Shivers

According to a person’s empathy level, they can feel more or less cold by watching other people experience it. A study was made where people watched someone’s hand being put into really cold water, and as they saw this, the temperature of their own hands dropped. The more empathetic the person was, the colder their hands became.

7. Laughter

When you hear people say that laughter’s contagious, that’s because it is! We hear them laughing and usually move our faces to copy that sound, which means that now we’re laughing too. This is also because it’s a very positive sound, and those are more contagious.

8. Empathy

If someone receives you well in a restaurant, and you were being as pleasant as they were being to you, chances are you’ll feel more welcome in that place and might even return more often.

study was done, revealing that when a server repeats your order back to you in a nice way, you feel good about your interaction with that person. The server might even receive a bigger tip for being nice. And it’s well deserved!

What are some behaviors you’ve noticed that you copy from your friends or a special someone? Do you think laughter is contagious too? Let us know!

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