8 Common Hairstyle Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

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3 years ago

When it comes to their image, hairstyles are important to many women. Well-groomed hair can enhance features of the face and smooth out its flaws, while an incorrectly chosen haircut or hair color can spoil even the brightest appearance and can highlight unwanted features.

Bright Side has collected some examples of typical styling mistakes that add age to a person. We’ve also included some recommendations to avoid this from happening.

1. Hair that’s too dark

First of all, dark colors show overgrown hair roots. Secondly, if you have fair skin, dark hair will enhance its imperfections. A good alternative to a solid dark look can be a complex coloring using tinges of warm tones with bright highlights. This makes hair look more voluminous and the face can look younger and fresher.

2. Coloring in cold blonde shades

Blonde girls with a warmer skin tone don’t do well in cold shades like ash or platinum blonde because such colors enhance their faces’ imperfections and make them look very pale. It’s better to choose warm shades matching the skin like honey, caramel or wheat.

3. Stiff hair

“Stiff, unmovable hair looks staid and unnatural—it’s aging on anyone,” says Charles Dujic, a hairstylist from Los Angeles. Moreover, hairstyles a-la “hair-to-hair” look outdated and irrelevant. That’s why you should try to avoid overusing hairspray and don’t use items that produce a strong hold.

4. Hair combed back

By opening your forehead completely, you draw extra attention to the line of hair growth, which becomes less vivid with age. Moreover, it will enhance the imperfections of your skin. In order to avoid this effect, opt for hairstyles where the hair can frame your face or for hairstyles with fringes, which can help to conceal imperfections.

5. Long hair without volume

Hair follicles work less actively with age, and the sebaceous glands produce fewer skin secretions. As a result, hair becomes thinner and brittle and loses volume. If you have encountered this problem, you should opt for a shorter hairstyle. It’s not necessary to have a “boyish” haircut to get the desired volume — the hair should be of a length that will let you take advantage of its volume.

6. The same hair color at different ages

Hair and skin lose their pigment with age and that’s why the color that matched your face perfectly at 20 or 30, won’t look that great at age 40-50. Instead of coloring your hair the same shade you’ve been wearing since your youth, seek advice from your hair stylist. They will help you choose a tinge that matches you at your current age.

7. A straight part

The production of collagen also slows down with age. The subcutaneous layer on the face is distributed unevenly, and is concentrated in the chin area — it makes the face look more elongated. A straight part outlines this feature even more. That’s why you should opt for a side part instead — it will help balance the facial proportions and make the hair look more voluminous.

8. Outdated hairdos

This mistake is quite obvious but many women keep repeating it. “Aged” hairstyles such as permanent curls on short hair, “burgundy” or “aubergine” like coloring or tight ringlets make you look older. That’s why you should forget about these styles and leave them where they belong — in the past!

What hairstyle recommendations would you like to share? Please tell us about them in the comments!


Well I don't think darkness affects how old we look, I mean most Asians have black hair and we don't even bother dyeing all the time.

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