8 Gadgets That Will Save You Space and Make Convenience a Daily Affair

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Some products have reached mini size and look so simple that it’s hard to recognize an item with so many functions. In this article you will find the most interesting gadgets that will prove to you that, nowadays, comfort can even fit in a small backpack.

1. A portable and foldable solar panel is very convenient, and 3 stands allow you to place it on any surface. Made of high-quality monocrystalline silicon, the conversion efficiency of this solar panel is up to 23%. It is suitable for charging all kinds of devices, equipment, and even a car battery.

4.4 stars out of 5

A built-in smart chip protects your devices from overcharging, overloading, and short-circuiting.
This solar panel fits most laptops, smartphones, cameras, and routers thanks to the different types of output connectors. Moreover, 3 extra cables are included. The solar panel is waterproof and suitable for outdoor use.

Promising review: As it is getting warmer and sunnier outside, I have many photo shoots in the open space and these solar panels are helping me charge my batteries. I used to carry around 7 or 8 batteries to ensure that my cameras would work properly, but now I have no worries at all. I am using solar panels to charge my phone, my power bank, and my 6 batteries for my camera and outdoor lights. So far, I’ve had no issues, and the panels are very useful and simple to use, with a small, lightweight, and easy-to-fold design that allows them to be set up in under a minute. I have tested it in different types of weather, and it is definitely waterproof, which gives me confidence that during my photo shootings I will have enough power to charge my batteries (mind protecting the pouch though, because it is not waterproof). Functionality-wise, it is very convenient. It has an MC4 cable and controller included with 10 different attachments, which is convenient for different types of devices.
Overall, a very good experience so far. I recommend it. @RunR

You can buy these solar panels on Amazon now

2. A hand warmer that can provide warmth and comfort for up to 15 hours. Thanks to the quick charge function, the battery of this device is fully charged in 3-4 hours. The device supports 3 levels of heat, adjustable thanks to simple and clear buttons.

4.6 stars out of 5

The handy design allows you to put the hand warmer in your pocket, and the high-quality chipset protects the device from overheating. In addition, the hand warmer is able to charge your phone to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Promising review: My wife suffers from Reynaud’s syndrome, which means some of her fingers are always white and cold. It’s especially problematic in the winter. This was a return-to-work gift that has a double purpose. It’s a mobile phone powerbank and a hand warmer as well, so it’s a very useful device. The hand warmer function works very well. In fact, in setting 3, it can be too hot! It is not so hot as to burn, which just shows how effective it is. Having a 10,000 mAh charger means she can charge her mobile many times. It is ideal for her handbag. @starbuduk

You can buy this hand warmer on Amazon now

3. This wallet multitool brings convenience to your life. It includes a mirror, a nail file, and a ruler. Plus, you’ll always have 6 hex nuts and bolts, a bottle opener, a can opener, a letter opener, a nail puller, and 4 screwdrivers.

4.6 stars out of 5

Its extremely thin profile makes it very handy to carry in your handbag. The high-quality steel makes the multitool durable and hard, so it is very comfortable to work with, and you do not risk breaking it. Every inch of this card has a useful tool on it.

Promising review: It is all wonderful. It won’t bend. It is super durable and very useful. It fits into credit card slots. It might be TSA-approved, but it will be confiscated if you take it into a government building, so remember to remove it from your wallet before jury duty. The improvements the 2nd version has made are very welcome. I find the nail file and bottle opener to be the most used parts of mine. @Wolfstar

You can buy this wallet multitool on Amazon now

4. This organizer bag will help you keep all your electronic accessories and various cables together. The bag fits easily in your briefcase, luggage, or backpack. It is made of shockproof and waterproof material, so all items in this bag are well protected.

4.5 stars out of 5

The inside of the bag is divided into five sturdy mesh pockets to organize your space. This accessory bag’s zippers close to keep your stuff safe. It is the perfect companion for your travels and a suitable gift for your friends or family.

Promising review: This worked brilliantly for our trip around India. My husband was skeptical at first, thinking it was just a gimmick, but has since retracted his comment on the basis of how brilliant he found the product in terms of knowing where everything was when we reached our destinations and being able to charge everything up. Previously, things would get lost amongst luggage, and we’d have to rummage through everything, compared to this time when we knew all the chargers, etc. were to be found in our case. We were amazed at how much it holds and, indeed, how many chargers and related items we take with us. @Amazon Customer

You can buy this organizer bag on Amazon now

5. With this organizer, you will always have your belongings at hand when traveling, and the backs of the front seats will always be tidy and clean. The organizer has 9 different sized compartments, including a clear tablet holder, bottle pockets, and large mesh pockets for other essentials.

4.5 stars out of 5

This car organizer with adjustable straps fits all types of cars—just set it up and store a variety of items inside your car, keeping your space organized. Sturdy, thick, and high-quality materials make these organizers suitable for children. And the transparent tablet holder allows you to use your tablet by easily touching the screen.

Promising review: I felt the quality of it was great; it was sturdy, and it should last. In my opinion, this car seat organizer has many purposes and uses. With all of the time we spend driving, my child can easily get in 15-20 minutes of reading per day while driving to school or football practice. It’s fun to watch him attempt to read a map (old school) since those skills are no longer taught. I ask him to put everything back before he gets out of the car, so he learns to put things away/clean up after himself. I’m glad I bought it. @Amazon Customer

You can buy this organizer on Amazon now

6. This portable telescopic stool is made of highly durable material, has a stable structure, and a load capacity that can reach 397 lbs. You can adjust the height to suit your needs. This adjustability makes it suitable for adults and children.

4.6 stars out of 5

On the top and bottom of the portable telescopic stool are two latches that allow the stool to be easily unfolded. The non-slip design of the bottom also increases safety. The stool is equipped with an adjustable strap that allows you to carry the stool on your shoulder or on your back.

Promising review: I am so impressed with this collapsible stool and as soon as my boyfriend saw it and had a “play” with it, he ordered one for himself in black. It’s easy to carry over your shoulder or by hand with the straps provided; even easier to pull out like a concertina when you need a seat and then collapse back into a dinner plate size. I am in my 70s and can’t walk as far these days, so I take this stool with me and I can have a rest whenever I need to, which is great. I also bought a matching gray cover for it, which forms a cushion on top to sit on, and then the collapsed stool fits neatly inside and looks like a shoulder bag when you’re walking along. The stool is very sturdy; it is unbelievably strong but very easy to use and small enough when collapsed to take in a backpack, car, trolley, or just carry it. With it being plastic, it is also very easy to clean with water. Overall, impressive technology, and I am delighted I have found something so neat yet strong enough to turn into a sturdy seat when needed. Top marks to whoever invented this! @Grimalkine

You can buy this stool on Amazon now

7. This foldable water bottle is made of non-toxic, odorless material and has a capacity of 750 ml. The check valve design prevents the liquid from leaking even if you hold it upside down. The bottle can be folded to 1/3 size for easy transportation. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures, from −40°C to 100°C.

4.2 stars out of 5

The wide-neck design makes it easy to clean the interior or fill it with water and ice; the sealed one-button switch makes it easy to open the cap, and the locking ring prevents accidental opening of the bottle.

Promising review: Very good quality and exactly as expected. It is made of sturdy material with a leak-proof lid. When full, the liquid squeezes out nicely and the bottle is easy to roll up when empty. I have bought this bottle specifically to use for carrying water on walks for my dogs, so I was really pleased when it came with a carabiner clip, so I could attach it to my bag, keeping my hands free for holding the dogs’ leads. I have used lemon/ginger tea to get rid of the silicone smell/taste (soaked for about 10 mins then rinsed in warm soapy water). It seems to have done the trick. I would definitely recommend it and would buy another if needed. @Ray

You can buy this water bottle on Amazon now

8. This fizz-keeper fits most standard-sized cans and keeps lemonade fresh for weeks. The lid is easy to tighten and open when needed. Color-coded markings on lids help identify cans.

4 stars out of 5

If you or someone in your family likes to leave cans of soda unfinished, then this product is made for you. Not only will it keep the bubbles in your drinks for a long time, but it will also save you money and make your consumption more rational.

Promising review: I was very skeptical about this (or any product of its type) that claimed it could keep the fizz in an open soda can. We have a few members of our family that always leave an open can in the fridge. It goes flat. Then it goes down the drain. I hate waste! Especially when it comes to something like this. Jokari has the answer! Just snap the open ring on top of the can, with the open side facing the opening in the can. This puts the hinge of the fizz keeper to one side. Snap the lid down and pump, pump, pump. Give the can a gentle squeeze once or twice as you go, till you feel that the can is just rigid enough to indicate that it is pressurized. That’s it! The next time you open the can, by gently lifting on the locking tab, you will be greeted with a very pleasant POP! I even had a can that was slightly bent at the rim. The silicone sealing ring of the Jokari Fizz-Keeper still worked! Because the sealing ring is a soft silicone, I recommend handwashing only, with no harsh chemicals, brushes, or pads. Just mild soapy water and rinse, then air dry. The three-pack is very economical and will get a good workout in our house. It’s a wise investment. @Mikel Berry

You can buy this can pump on Amazon now

Are you following the latest gadget trends? Which mini-gadgets make your life easier?

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