8 Makeup Trends It’s High Time to Finally Ditch

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2 years ago

Smokey eyes, daring lipstick colors, or simple contouring — these and a lot more long-favored makeup looks are now getting abandoned. Heavy makeup on the skin becomes unnecessary as people choose to embrace their own natural beauty. Although everyone gradually transitions to softer looks, making bold statements with cosmetics is turning out to be more important than ever.

To keep our readers up to date, Bright Side has created a list of appearances that are replacing those that have been worn for years. Let’s discover them together!

1. Dark lipstick

Various shades of dark lipsticks were the ladies’ favorites for many years, but this trend is gradually being replaced. Warmer tones like pink and peach are replacing those dramatic and bold lipsticks. They give a natural look and are suitable for both everyday occasions and special events.

2. Smokey eyes

Since the 2010s, this eye makeup trend hasn’t lost its popularity. Originally done using black eye shadow, makeup lovers soon incorporated other shades and glitter into it. But now the focus is on more bright and shimmery eye shadows. Technicolor lids are taking over again, and ensuring that those who wear them appear bold and unique.

3. Matte skin

There is no need any more to make sure every pore is fully covered with foundation and powder. Most of the time, the face is left with a chalky mask-like effect afterward. Now, people opt for bare skin looks that require almost no cosmetics. Finished with the soft touch of a highlighter, they allow their faces to appear healthy, glowing, and fully natural.

4. Clumpy lashes

Having spider lashes is an unwanted result when applying mascara, but Rihanna managed to turn this into a trend. Even though people mainly strive for overall natural appearances now, makeup enthusiasts keep experimenting with colors around their eyes. Colors like deep purple, blue, and green mascara are rapidly gaining in popularity.

5. Overlined lips

A lip liner is an easy solution when it comes to getting that fuller lip look that everyone is obsessed with. However, big lips have become less and less popular as more and more people strive to embrace their natural beauty. Stained, blurred lips are currently trending as they are easy to replicate and can make anyone appear innocent and soft.

6. Foxy eyes

A slanted, upturned eye trend started on social media recently, and after many kept recreating it, this style faced a lot of backlash. Because of this, graphic eyeliners are taking over the stage now. Colors like white, blue, or yellow will help anyone to make a brave statement and stand out from the crowd.

7. Contouring

Together with a heavy foundation, contouring was an essential routine for many makeup lovers. But this is slowly becoming unnecessary. Defined cheekbones and unrealistically straight noses are not being seen as appealing anymore. Instead, people are trying to emphasize their own unique face lines and imperfections instead.

8. Thin brows

It seems like the time of precisely plucked thin eyebrows is slowly dying out too. Meanwhile thick, brushed-up brows are becoming more acceptable. It’s not even important if they are perfectly shaped — the more genuine-looking, the better.

What beauty looks do you go for in your everyday life?


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so in short everyone has finally started to go for natural makeup! it makes u look so fresh ✨✨


I'm still doing the foxy eye makeup because it lifts my droopy eyelids. I did it even before it was trendy. Wear what you want, or what you know suits you, regardless of fads.


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