8 Things We Could Repurpose Instead of Throwing Them Away

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2 years ago

2.01 billion tons of trash are produced worldwide in one year, of that at least 33% is not managed in an environmentally safe way and 91% of plastic in this trash isn’t recycled at all. Not many people know the hidden uses for the things we tend to throw away. Luckily, we can give a second life to our trash and use it to our advantage to help our beautiful planet at least a little bit.

Bright Side explains why rubbing banana peels on your face is good and why chickens should eat eggshells.

1. Banana peels

Banana peels make the perfect fertilizer for plants. They are rich in vitamins and eco-friendly at the same time. You can dry them out and make powder later or make banana peel water. However, not only do they benefit your plants but also your skin.

If you have acne marks, just rub the insides of the peel over your face. The healing properties of banana peels will gradually reduce inflammation.

2. Empty toilet paper rolls

There are multiple ways you can convert these seemingly useless (at first glance) toilet paper rolls. They can serve as organizers. Besides, you can even sell them since there are a lot of people who use them for DIY. For those who have children, wrapping pieces of sidewalk chalk in toilet paper rolls will prevent your kids’ hands from getting dirty.

3. Egg crates

Egg crates can be used as containers for starting seeds. Don’t forget to create drainage in each egg holding pot. You can also use them to store small stuff like buttons, ribbons, or paper clips in one place. Egg crates can even be used to soundproof your room. Even though it might not be super effective, it can still reduce echo.

4. Pill bottles

You can avoid the struggle of untangling your wired earphones if you store them in pill bottles. Additionally, you can fill the bottles with small beans or bells and turn them into toys for your cat.

They can be great for hiding keys as well. Just glue a rock to the top of the bottle and dig it into the ground. Make sure you don’t forget which rock to look for.

5. Eggshells

For farmers out there, you can feed eggshells to your chickens. Don’t worry if it sounds weird, chickens actually eat their own eggs in nature since it provides them with calcium. You can also sprinkle ground eggshells to repel snails and slugs from your garden. Apart from that, crushed eggshells can serve as a natural and non-toxic abrasive.

6. Old newspapers

Newspapers do better when it comes to window cleaning since they don’t leave streaks or smudges on windows. Newspapers can also be used instead of bubble wrap, it’s a cheaper version but can still provide cushioning. Finally, they can be great shape keepers — just stuff them in your shoes and bags.

7. Bacon grease

It can be as simple as adding it to popcorn for bacon flavor or using it to fry eggs, potatoes, or make cookies. You can even feed it to birds — just let the grease cool down and put it outside your window once it solidifies. As an alternative, use bacon grease to prevent your pans and skillets from rusting.

8. Tea bags

Although they are more famous for their ability to reduce dark circles, there are some more uses. Drop a teabag in the tub while you’re taking a bath. Chamomile, jasmine, or lavender are great for the skin. The bags can also remove the smell of onion well, just rub a dry, used tea bag on your hands.

What do you usually use twice? Is it effective?


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