8 Things Your Kids Learn From Being Raised by a Strong Mother

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Becoming a mom can be overwhelming at times, and it can even make you feel guilty of any shortcomings you have. There are so many life changes to adapt to and so many new chores and discoveries every day. But it’s likely that your kids are super grateful for you and believe in you 100%. In fact, you are definitely stronger than you think, and your kids learn so much from you.

At Bright Side, we celebrate the incredible job of every mom, and we want to show how much your children gain by being raised by a strong woman like you.

1. The value of independence

As actress Gal Gadot said, “Every mother is a wonder woman.” And it’s true! In fact, having a strong mom teaches your kids that they can take care of themselves and that it is possible to do it all.

In fact, a study even shows that daughters of working mothers can be more successful when they grow up, while sons of strong moms are more likely to be able to contribute at home. Kids with strong moms can think for themselves and make decisions.

2. The possibility to be both strong and soft

Kids learn by example, and your resilience in taking care of them and pushing through hard times teaches them more than you know. By seeing you as a strong woman, while also dealing with emotions, your kids realize that it’s possible to be both strong and soft at the same time.

3. The importance of education

A strong mother helps their children develop skills like problem-solving, evaluating, reasoning, and creativity. You are your kids’ first educators. And as you encourage them to learn, your young ones will discover the importance of education, paying attention, reading, expressing themselves, and asking questions.

4. The power to form their own opinions

When you are honest and communicate clearly, your kids learn to do the same. You don’t just tell them what to think, but also teach them how to think. A strong woman is willing to try, fail, ask questions, learn more, and admit when you’re wrong — and your kids will do the same as they grow up.

5. The worth of work ethic

Truly, no one works harder than a mom. Your kids will see you working hard for professional goals and keeping things together at home. They will remember these skills for their whole lives. Just encouraging them to do their homework can increase their productivity at work as adults, and seeing you do so much can instill a drive in them to achieve their goals.

6. The importance of empathy

According to research, mothers have higher activation in areas of the brain related to empathy. And children learn from how their parents treat them. So when you are empathetic with your kid, they will learn kindness and how to feel empathy from you. And this will help your kids to build social connections, regulate their own emotions, and teach them to help others, so you’re helping them become good adults.

7. The key to intelligence and wisdom

Science shows that intelligence is often inherited more from mothers. Mothers are great teachers, and you are committed to passing on your years of wisdom to your children. You are your child’s first mentor, and they will pick up so much wisdom from you.

8. The inspiration to be better people

There’s no doubt about it — mothers inspire us to be our best selves. You encourage your kids to reach their potential and to always try their best. You show them to keep going through adversity and be resilient. And your children will believe you and be inspired to be better people. In this way, a strong mom truly is a hero.

What is the biggest lesson you taught your kids? Or what skills do you hope to pass down to them? Let us know in the comments.


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