8 Unexpected Signs of Pregnancy You Might Not Even Know About

2 years ago

During pregnancy, the human body can undergo many physical, emotional, and psychological changes, so much so that it can be hard to keep track of them. These changes can happen suddenly and in unexpected ways.

At Bright Side, we stumbled upon 8 unusual signs of pregnancy that might be overlooked but can mean that a new baby is on the way!

1. You develop skin tags on your body.

Skin tags are fleshy skin growths that can develop anywhere on your body during pregnancy due to changes in hormone levels or weight gain. Skin tags often disappear after giving birth.

2. You have a watery mouth.

Excess saliva, also known as ptyalism gravidarum, is paired with nausea and vomiting. It’s unknown why this happens, but some pregnant women need paper cups or tissues to control excess saliva.

3. Food tastes like metal to you.

Early on during pregnancies, food can taste sour and metallic, a phenomenon is called dysgeusia. Consuming acidic foods or rinsing your teeth with salt or baking soda after brushing can alleviate this horrible metallic, sour taste.

4. Your gums are sore.

Changes in diet and hormone levels can cause sore, bleeding gums during pregnancy known as pregnancy gingivitis. This gum disease will disappear, but to ease the soreness, practice good oral hygiene with gentle brushing.

5. Your nose is runny.

Pregnancy rhinitis affects 20% of pregnant women who experience sneezing and a runny nose. These annoying symptoms are temporary and can be treated with regular exercise, humidifiers, nasal sprays, and decongestants.

6. You become short of breath.

During the early stages of pregnancy, changes in hormone levels may cause shortness of breath. To improve your breathing during pregnancy, practice good posture and mindful breathing techniques.

7. You suddenly develop a strong sense of smell.

Pregnant women can have a heightened sense of smell, or hyperosmia, especially toward perfumes, coffee, gasoline, or spoiled foods. Fortunately, hyperosmia is only temporary and ends after the first trimester.

8. You crave non-food items, like rocks or soap.

Some pregnant women have reported cravings for cornstarch, uncooked rice, chalk, soap, and metal. This craving is known as pica, which is the desire to consume non-food items. If you have a sudden urge to try a piece of rock, visit your doctor right away.

Have you or anyone you know experienced these symptoms during pregnancy? Do you know of any other uncommon pregnancy symptoms? Let us know in the comments.

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