8 Ways to Make Your Backyard Look More Expensive Without Spending a Fortune

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A luxurious backyard does not necessarily mean spending much money and hiring a team of professionals to make your patio look chic. In fact, less is more when it comes to creating a stylish and expensive-looking space next to your house. Just a few simple moves and a couple of nice details and voila — you can boast of the best backyard on the block.

We at Bright Side came across 8 simple and wallet-friendly ways to make a backyard look more luxurious, and we hope they can help you in your patio renovation.

1. Mow your lawn.

Keeping the grass and shrubs neatly cut and clean is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your backyard look more appealing. Make sure the grass is always cut and is clear of old leaves. A clean and trimmed lawn doesn’t need any special decorations, it looks eye-pleasing the way it is.

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2. Consider adding some furniture.

Whether you have a big yard where you plan to gather all your friends and family together, or whether your lawn can fit only a couple of people, adding some furniture may be a good idea. If your patio is tiny, you can consider adding a couple of seats for you to relax and comfortably enjoy the backyard view from.

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These chairs are equipped with armrests and adjustable 9-position backrest for your maximum comfort. The aluminium frame and water-resistant coating make these chairs durable and perfect for gardens and backyards.

3. Adding some water may also be a good idea.

Water in your backyard can add some relaxation and romance to the atmosphere. Even though creating a pool or a pond may sound expensive, there are some wallet-friendly options too. For example, you can think of buying a ready-made garden fountain kit, or you can choose a preformed pond that you can install on your lawn.

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Made of sturdy materials, this mold can become a good base for your little garden pond where you can place a small fountain or grow some aquatic plants.

4. Don’t forget about lighting.

Proper and tasteful lighting can make your patio look more expensive in mere seconds. Luckily, today stores can offer a large variety of lighting options, from string lights to lanterns of all shapes and sizes. Just choose what you like the most!

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These lights can mesmerize you with their fantastic glow, adding a festive mood to your garden parties. The waterproof materials that the lights are made of will guarantee steady functioning in hot summer, wet autumn, and cold winter.

5. Focus on the entrance

The entrance is the first thing that people see when they approach your garden or patio, so investing some time and money in improving it makes sense. For example, you can try placing some flowers in pots at the entryway. It may also be a good idea to lay the pathway using some stylish materials like brick, cobblestone, or concrete.

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With the help of this mold, you can make the path stones yourself and create the design of your dreams with your own hands. The mold is made of durable materials and can be used numerous times. It’s pretty easy to handle and it doesn’t require professional skills.

6. Try dividing your backyard into different spaces.

One square piece of land may sometimes look plain. If you want to add some intrigue and drama to your backyard, think of dividing it into zones that have different purposes. For example, one zone may be equipped with a BBQ grill and a dining table, while another one will play the role of a cozy sitting area where you can have a chat with your friend or sunbathe for a while.

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7. A tasteful outdoor rug can make your patio look more luxurious.

A rug can make your backyard or patio look cozier. Today there’s a great variety of high quality outdoor rugs that can withstand different weather conditions and are pretty affordable and stylish.

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This rug is double sided, so it will serve you long. It’s also pretty easy to clean and carry around, so you can use it in your patio, on the beach, and anywhere else you like.

8. Choose a decor style and stick to it.

It’s tempting to have elements of different styles in your backyard, like boho, modern, and French provincial, for example, but the mix can look confusing. It’s better to pick one decor style for your patio and stick to it, instead of using several competing styles that will distract you.

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Which changes would you like to make in your backyard or patio? Do you know of any other easy ways to make a backyard look more expensive?

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