9 Designers Who Went to Great Lengths to Make Celebs Feel Comfortable and Safe

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Whether it’s for a red carpet or a movie, celebrities often have to deal with uncomfortable or tight-fitting outfits to look good. In other cases, it is difficult to find clothes that fit them well. But stylists and designers always find a way to adapt, even if it’s not easy to do.

Because we admire people that would do anything for their clients, Bright Side, made a list of 9 stylists who put their celebrity’s comfort first and dressed them in outfits that made them feel confident.

1. Emma Watson

For the live-action Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson was determined to make Belle an “active heroine” and not play the delicate princess we were used to seeing on screen. In charge of doing the job was Jacqueline Durran, who avoided using a corset on the costumes so that both Emma and her character could move freely.

She also replaced the thin ballet slippers with sturdy boots that would allow her to do all sorts of things. In addition, under her skirt she wore bloomers that were similar to pants.

2. Scarlett Johansson

At first glance, Black Widow’s costume looks tight and impedes movement. That’s why the designer for the Black Widow movie, Jany Temime, decided to make some adjustments to the heroine’s outfit so she wouldn’t have these problems. First, she adapted it to Scarlett’s body and used a rubbery fabric to make it comfortable.

Also, to prevent it from feeling too tight, they left two or three millimeters of elastic fabric between the seams. There’s no doubt that the designer’s effort was rewarded when Scarlett herself admitted that it was the most comfortable suit of all.

3. Ashley Graham

Jordan Foster, Ashley Graham’s stylist, says that sometimes she can’t find clothes in the model’s size, as high fashion brands just don’t make them. So, she made sure to look for an online store that always has beautiful designer clothes that will fit her. Even during Ashley’s pregnancy, he provided her with clothes that made her feel beautiful, highlighting her belly.

Sometimes it can be discouraging and annoying that it is so complicated to get designer clothes in all sizes. That’s why Jordan is so grateful for stores that offer clothing for all body types.

4. Aidy Bryant

Before attending the Emmy Awards, actress Aidy Bryant said she was frustrated that she couldn’t find outfits that were cool since getting clothes for such events when you’re a plus-size celebrity is not as easy. So, clothing brand Eloquii took the initiative and offered to design her a custom dress for the gala.

Aidy said it was a fun process. The end result of the dress was everything she hoped for, because it didn’t feel oppressive or tight, but was comfortable.

5. Selena Gómez

The bodysuit Selena Gomez wore during her AMA presentation was inspired by an outfit by Yves Saint Laurent. In fact, they first wanted to use the original one that the model wore on the runway; however, it was too delicate for Selena to perform in. So Kate Young, the stylist, commissioned a custom one so that the singer could move safely.

6. Brie Larson

The costume designer for Captain Marvel was Sanja Milkovic. She knew that Brie Larson, the leading star, would be moving a lot during filming, as well as running and jumping. Therefore, her main goal was to make the clothes comfortable for the star.

When preparing the superheroine costume, Sanja and her team focused on Brie’s actual body and how she moved. She even modified it as often as necessary, as the actress’s body was constantly changing with exercise routines.

7. Melissa McCarthy

Stylist Judy B. Swartz began working with Melissa McCarthy in 2015. Since then, she has been inclined to wear her daring outfits. Melissa is beautiful, young and modern. But those clothes are something that make her feel confident as well. In addition, Judy thinks that women should not limit themselves. This plays an important role in the clothing perception of plus-size women.

8. Gal Gadot

For Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot had to film in different environments, such as snow, mud and even rain. So costume designer Lindy Hemming made the actress’ health and comfort her top priority: she lined the superheroine’s costume with faux fur to keep her warm.

9. Sophia Di Martino

Being a mother and working on film sets at the same time can’t be easy. This happened to Sophia Di Martino, who was breastfeeding while working on the Loki series. That’s why Christine Wada, costume designer, had the great gesture of adding hidden zippers in the costume so that she could breastfeed easily.

On her personal Instagram, Sophia wrote, “It’s the little (big) things like this that allowed me to do my job and be a mom at the same time.”

Do you think it’s okay to give up comfort just to look good? What’s your favorite celebrity outfit?


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