9 Foods That People Who Lived for Over 100 Years Included in Their Diets

3 years ago

People who have lived to be 100 years old and beyond are often asked what their diet looks like. Normally, we expect to hear answers that include fruits, vegetables, or simply a balanced diet in general. However, there are some people whose answers might be a bit more specific, and at times, even unusual.

Bright Side looked for their secrets and spilled the beans on some of the not-so-common diets of these centenarians.

1. Bacon

Susannah Mushatt Jones lived to be 116 years of age. She was known for having 4 strips of bacon, eggs, and grits for breakfast. According to her niece, Susannah would sometimes “take the last strip, fold it in a napkin, put it in her pocket, and save it for later.” Of course, the fact that she slept for around 10 hours every day may have contributed to her long life too.

2. Raw eggs

Born in 1899, Emma Morano, who lived to be 117, had an unusual diet that started during her teenage years. For more than 90 years of her life, she had included these things in her diet: 3 eggs a day, with 2 of them being raw. Morano also enjoyed eating cookies — specifically, ladyfingers.

3. Chocolate

The oldest human whose age was well-documented was Jeanne Calment, who lived to be 122 years of age. She led an active lifestyle and was able to ride a bicycle until she was 100. That said, she enjoyed eating chocolate and used to indulge in eating around 2 pounds of it every week.

4. Potato chips

Matilda Curcia reached 101 years of age with an unusual staple in her diet. Interviews revealed that aside from her daily exercise routine, she also credited her longevity, in part, to eating 3 potato chips every night.

5. Sushi

Having lived for 117 years, Misao Okawa believed that 2 main factors contributed to her long life: sleep and sushi. Aside from making sure she gets at least 8 hours of sleep daily, Okawa particularly enjoys a specific type of sushi, which is mackerel on vinegar-steamed rice.

6. Herring

Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper, a.k.a. Hennie, attributed her longevity to eating raw salted herring and drinking orange juice. When she was 82, Hennie decided to donate her body to science upon her death. She lived to be 115.

7. Fried chicken and ice cream

For Gertrude Baines, who lived to be 115 years old, bacon wasn’t enough. Her steady diet included not only crispy bacon but also fried chicken and ice cream. According to the staff at her nursing home, Baines was a modest woman who also liked to watch the Jerry Springer Show.

8. Diet soda

Theresa Rowley enjoys a can of Diet Coke every day. Of course, we can’t say she’s been drinking it her entire life, as Rowley was born in 1914, 68 years before the drink was actually sold. “I drink it because I like it,” she said in an interview when she was 104 years old.

What’s your grandparents’ favorite food? Do you have food in your diet that you can’t seem to live without?

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licorice allsorts, currently 60 yrs old, l smoke & am on a heap of meds but l know when l go l'll go happy and will go My way.


I just like to eat whatever I want to until and unless it's hygienic...I just enjoy my food and chew it properly.
Is it me only or others also?


I find it very funny but if you look at how people who lived long lives actually spend their days - it surprising. Many of them had/have bad habits, they eat bad food and don't move so much and still live longer


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