9 Hair Color Mistakes That Can Make You Look Older

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3 years ago

Every woman has an ideal hair color that highlights her beauty and conceals some of her imperfections. On that note, other colors have the opposite effect and they end up accentuating fine lines while “hiding” the face’s best features. It is well known that hair is generally connected to self-esteem, so choosing the right dye will certainly make a difference.

Bright Side has made a list of 9 hair color mistakes that can make you look a couple of years older. Don’t miss the bonus at the end of the article, it will show you how a good hairdo can be key to making you feel more lively and beautiful.

9. Choosing a color that’s way too dark

Have you ever noticed that, when an object is placed in front of a dark background, its features seem to be more distinguishable? The same thing happens with our face. When we dye our hair a uniform jet-black color (without doing streaks or highlights, for example), our “imperfections,” like fine lines, stand out. If you like darker shades, then a dark chestnut color is a better alternative than black.

8. Going for a color completely different from our natural tone.

What can make you look more aged: blonde or chestnut hair? Unfortunately, the answer depends on several factors that will determine whether a woman will look younger with either one color or the other. You shouldn’t change your natural hair color dramatically, since drastic changes may not be the right fit for your skin tone, which in turn will make you look older.

Let’s take Emma Stone, for example. Her natural color is blonde. Doesn’t she look 5 years younger with this color? If you have been dyeing your hair for a while now and you’re not sure what your natural color is, then look at your childhood pictures to find out what the right one is for you.

7. Picking a monochromatic dye (without doing any highlights or streaks)

In an effort to hide their gray hair, some women often use dye that is a uniform color. You should know that monochromatic blonde or black colors won’t make your hair look natural and can give a dull and aged appearance to your face. Highlights or different colored streaks will provide more luminosity to your face and give you a more youthful look, thus breaking the monotony of the uniform colors.

6. Betting on platinum blonde

Are you a fan of this shade? If so, then you’d better think twice. Platinum blonde is a cool color, that doesn’t look good on fair or rosy-skinned women, since it will give them a “dull” and aged appearance.

5. Not doing face-framing highlights

Even if you dye streaks of hair, the end result’s visual effect may still lack “depth.” The solution is to go for lighter shades to soften fine lines and other signs of aging. Some good advice is to do face-framing highlights, to bring out your beauty and make you look more youthful.

4. Leaving your hair half gray and half dyed

Do you think gray hair ages you? Relax, this is just a myth! In fact, Bright Side truly admires those who show off their gray hair and feel fulfilled with their natural color which, needless to say, looks wonderful on them!

However, some women go through a “transition” phase, and hate having white or gray roots while the rest of their hair is dyed. In reality, this can make them look older. So, our suggestion is to avoid this and rock a pixie cut. In other words, try wearing your hair really short and with a trendy haircut, it will make you look much younger.

3. Not covering your roots

Coloring all of your hair requires constant maintenance since the roots show up almost immediately. Nevertheless, we’re fully aware of the fact that we can’t always keep up with this coloring routine. To avoid looking older for lack of care, you can choose some styles that make the roots look darker on purpose, like the ombré style. This way, you can let your hair grow naturally and have a fresh look all the time.

2. Wearing past color trends

The world of hair dye is also dictated by trends. That’s why some shades are trendy, while others are considered outdated. Wearing a dye that was fashionable in the past can make you look “old-fashioned.”

Betting on the most fashionable colors and techniques is an excellent way to attain that desired look, which is something that many people love! Your hairstylist will probably know which are the trendy shades of the season and should also be able to tell you which is the right dye for your skin tone.

1. Investing in intense reddish colors

A reddish hair color can be elegant. However, its maintenance can be expensive since the color fades pretty fast and your hair ends up looking unkempt. Besides, gray hair tends to stand out even more when it’s contrasted with shades like reddish-chestnut or burgundy red.

A safe alternative is to choose strawberry blonde, which is a shade between blonde and red — it can give a warmer and brighter appearance to your face. Moreover, since it’s a lighter shade, it will conceal the undesirable gray hair much better.

Bonus: A good hairdo can make a huge difference.

Side-parting is a great way to style your hair to look younger. As time goes by, we lose some of the fat in our face and the subcutaneous tissue is distributed unevenly, mainly concentrating on the chin area. This hairstyle will make your face look more refined.

The middle-part style highlights this feature even more, while parting your hair to the side better balances your facial proportions. Did you like this piece of advice? Click here to check out other suggestions on getting the right hairstyle to look younger.

What about you? Do you prefer to keep your natural color or do you usually dye your hair? If you’re into coloring, what shade makes you look younger: blonde, red, or brown? Share your opinion in the comments.


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Too much fuss and fawning over blonde hair, and bleaching causes irreparable damage that can age you even more. Nothing nicer than beautiful brunette hair with gentle highlights around the face! At 37 I am an aging woman, but with this style and color I look quite a bit younger! With platinum blonde I look about 57! Blooming awful tbh!


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