9 Outdated Hairstyles We Should Forget About

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3 years ago

Humans learned to comb their hair before they learned how to write. That’s why it’s not surprising that we still pay so much attention to our hair. Some people are afraid of changes and prefer to have the same hairstyle for years because cutting off even a little bit of their locks seems like a real disaster for them. Others are ready to experiment with their hair every month.

Bright Side rated hairstyles that should have been left in the past a long time ago, but many people still can’t seem to let them go.

1. A blunt bob that is too perfect

The straight geometrical lines of one of the most popular female haircuts have already bored people. Even Victoria Beckham, who made this hairstyle trendy, has already changed her image several times since then. It’s the textured bob haircut that is at the peak of popularity right now. Many world celebrities have already opted for this romantic and “light-as-a-feather” haircut.

2. “Lazy” bun

It’s time we start to only do this at home. A low bun with a straight part, that looks as effortless and is as easy to do, can be a good alternative. You can wear it anywhere — on a date, to the office, or to a get-together with your friends. Most models at New York Fashion Week 2020 were wearing this exact hairstyle.

3. Perm

Today perms don’t spoil and burn hair as much as they used to in the past. Nowadays all big cosmetic companies like L’Oréal and Schwarzkopf use gentle compositions, with natural active ingredients for curls. In addition, it’s a more natural-looking perm that gives big curls and volume to the hair that is trendy now. The hairstyle of the Argentinian model Mica Argañaraz is a bright example.

4. Shoulder-length blunt bob

In order to avoid having your hair hanging in your face like a cocker spaniel’s ears, stylists recommend that you not overdo it with the bottom cutline: the transition between the back of your head and the front should be smooth and light. In addition, it’s important to watch the hair growth and make sure to visit the hairdresser regularly.

5. Old-fashioned shapes

These hairstyles are around every corner — in schools, hospitals, shops, offices, the list goes on. Of course, the chances they will disappear completely are extremely small, but still, we hope for it. These shapes are not trendy anymore and add extra age to your look. You don’t want to look older after all, do you?

6. “Solid” bouffant

After an abundant application of hairspray, attempts to comb it out lead to damage to the hair structure, which adversely affects its appearance. Moreover, scientists found out that the vapors from this product deplete the ozone layer and harm the environment. So let hairsprayed bouffants finally get replaced by natural hairstyles.

7. Shovel-looking fringe

All women have asked themselves at one point or another whether they should have a hairstyle with bangs or without them. You have to be very careful with this element of a haircut and try to find the right one that suits your face shape. We recommend that all fans of bangs pay attention to the trendiest options according to Elle.

8. Doll-like curls

Today’s trend for naturalness applies to all aspects of appearance, including hair. An ideal female hairstyle (even for evening) is the one that looks light and a bit imperfect. Tight curls that are thoroughly styled with hairspray will enhance a woman’s age or even increase it visually.

9. Contrast highlighting

Here is an interesting fact — the first woman who had her hair highlighted was Brigitte Bardot. It was her hairstylist who tried to save the actress’s burned fringe by dying separate strands. If you are the one who likes to experiment with hair color, we recommend that you follow the more trendy methods when dying your hair. You can find some of them here.

What was the worst haircut you ever had? Please tell us about it in the comments!


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