9 Popular Cosmetic Treatments That Can Actually Ruin Your Beauty

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3 years ago

If a woman wants to be gorgeous, neither a price list nor pain can stop her. Beauty has always demanded sacrifices but fortunately, nowadays, we can find less morbid alternatives to popular procedures. If you’ve already made an appointment with a cosmetologist to remove your nose hairs or plump up your lips, read this article before confirming your visit.

Bright Side has decided to tell you about the dangerous things that you can face at a cosmetologist’s office and beauty salons that may help you save big sums of money.

Hair straightening

Keratin treatment, lamination, shielding, and other procedures that promise you incredibly smooth hair are just temporary cosmetic effects. All the listed natural components don’t have a therapeutic effect and the results usually last for 2 weeks. Then your hair gets the same or even worse.

Major drawbacks: In most cases, clients notice that their hair gets dull, thin, and brittle. A mixture that is applied to your hair consists of formaldehyde. This gas irritates the mucous membrane, affects the nervous system and internal organs.

Another option: If you want to have straight hair, you should use a special iron together with thermal protection.


Lots of women love permanent waving (especially since the word “bio perm” has appeared). Nevertheless, hairdressers admit that it’s still bad for our hair and nothing can cure it after a chemical procedure like this.

Such great hair volume appears thanks to a chemical solution. If you decide to undergo this procedure, be ready to get brittle hair before it starts growing.

Major drawbacks: A perm (even if it’s bio) dries out the hair and the scalp. If you have any insignificant issues (like dandruff, inflammation, brittle hair, dry skin, and so on), you’re not recommended to do this procedure. If you’re still ready to take risks, we want to remind you: hairdressers say that a perm is just a base for a hairstyle. It means that you’ll still have to spend time doing your hair in the morning.

Another option: Hair curlers, hair curling tools, thermal protection, and special hair dryer nozzles will be less damaging for your hair.

Eyelash extensions and curling

Don’t forget that you may be allergic to the glue that is used by aestheticians and there’s a risk that you’ll temporary or forever lose your eyelashes. And it’s better to avoid doing curling at all: chemical solutions are extremely dangerous and the risk isn’t worth its price.

Major drawbacks: You might get conjunctivitis and other eye diseases. What’s more, is many clients say that their eyelashes get thinner. The process of recovery depends on the person and lasts from 1 to 6 months.

Additionally, salons offer procedures like botox or lamination and promise you that your lashes will become stronger and brighter. It’s also wise to avoid such offers. Lamination (or botox) are performed under really high temperatures with the help of chemical components. That’s why the procedure can’t be healing.

Another option: Apply oils (castor, almond, and usma oil) and a good mascara. If you’re going to an important event, you can use false eyelashes, and if you’re going on vacation, dye your eyelashes with henna.

Gel polish

Long-lasting gel polish is extremely popular but not so many women think about its harmful ingredients (formaldehyde, acetone, phthalates) that can irritate your respiratory tract and mucous membranes.

Major drawbacks: Doctors warn us that long-term gel polish-wearing makes our nails thin and brittle. What’s more, is there’s a risk of infection if a nail artist uses any non-sterile equipment.

Another option: You’re recommended to take care of your nails on your own. Pay attention to celebs’ nails (for example, Kate Middleton) — they often wear transparent polish or don’t apply any polish at all.

Chemical peel

To get a great skin tone and add some natural shine, women are literally willing to take off the upper epidermis layer.

Major drawbacks: Phenol found in peeling is a really toxic compound. You can get the direct opposite of the desired effect: dermal thinning, couperose, and herpes.

Another option: Use a smooth peel picked according to your skin type.


Filler injections are the most popular way to get a fashionable Instagram face. But not so many people know about its side effects.

Major drawbacks: The most common complications are: lumps, bruises, solid nodules, and so on. Many aspects depend on the cosmetologist’s qualifications: if a filler is injected incorrectly, it’ll be visible under the skin. For example, hyaluronic acid injections cause lumps and bluish discoloration. You may become allergic to fillers over the years and in some cases, hyaluronic acid injections lead to erythema and swelling.

Another option: Even Kylie Jenner decided to quit injections and removed all her lip filler. People were so used to her plump lips that most of them didn’t welcome her decision. Well, it’s probably high time we returned to normal body proportions and standards.

Facial barbed threads

Rejuvenation happens thanks to thin fibers inserted under the skin. The procedure is really painful and there’s a risk of becoming asymmetric if your cosmetologist isn’t experienced enough.

Major drawbacks: Those who want to rejuvenate their skin with thread should be ready for bruises, pain after the procedure, and sagging tissue. The thread usually breaks down under the skin and lumps appear.

Another option: Give everyday care according to your skin’s needs and practice face building.


Microblading, in contrast to usual eyebrow tattooing, is the kind of tattooing where a cosmetologist draws each hair separately to grant the long-lasting illusion of naturally darker eyebrows.

Major drawbacks: The way our skin accepts a pigment depends on individual features and you should be ready to lose most of the color during the first week. You’ll have to undergo a microblading correction (but not earlier than 1 month after the initial session) and draw eyebrows on once again. And it won’t save you time: you’ll still have to fill in patches every morning.

Another option: Take care of your eyebrows with the help of oils and use special cosmetic products.

Nose hair plucking

This procedure is popular among both men and women, but doctors don’t recommend plucking nose hairs.

Major drawbacks: Nose hairs serve as a filter for dust and microbes that get inside our noses. When you remove a hair, a wound develops, and different harmful microbes can penetrate the circulatory system.

It’s not recommended to remove hairs from your mouth, nose, and nasolabial fold as there are many vessels that don’t have valves. Thus, each infection may get to the brain and lead to death. This is also the reason why we shouldn’t remove pimples as the pus may sneak into the blood.

Another option: You’re recommended to buy a nose hair trimmer.

Have you ever tried any of these beauty trends? Let us know about your experiences in the comments.

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