9 Reasons Why People Say No at the Altar

4 years ago

Men try to resist marriage, although they benefit from it the most. It turns out that they don’t want to do it because they are afraid that their future wife will start to tell them what to do. This may be an important reason to say, “No” for some of us. But we are curious about other сauses and why someone might decide to not get married at the last minute.

Bright Side wants to find a balance and avoid having a broken heart. We found 10 reasons why people give up at the altar.

1. The pressure from our loved ones: relatives, friends

It’s sad, but our loved ones sometimes see our situation differently and can sow a grain of doubt inside of us. For example, your friend or your relative can come and say to you or your partner that you are going to make a big mistake, that you don’t belong together, and that it would be better to end it now, than to suffer later.

A wedding is already an emotional and stressful event and with all this added pressure, you might prefer to just step back.

2. A man thinks that the only thing that his woman wants is their wedding.

One man confessed that after the proposal, his future wife became too concentrated on the wedding. She wanted a big wedding and he wanted the opposite. Their disagreement was huge and, at the end, he called it off.

3. Realizing that you are not happy with a person even though you are in love

You are in love, but you are depressed. A user on Reddit shared her reasons for leaving: They were engaged, but she had been thinking since the beginning that it was a mistake. She just wasn’t happy with him. There was no bright side for her. Years later, they became good friends and he found someone new.

4. Realizing that this person is not for you

Another girl shared why her groom gave up: He spent a lot of time with his ex instead of helping her organize everything. A little bit later, the man told her that it had helped him to understand that she was not fun and that they didn’t fit with each other.

Sometimes people realize suddenly that something is wrong and stop seeing any potential for the relationship.

5. Because someone becomes a control freak

You may start wanting to control everything: from his or her bachelor party, to the size of the future bed, to the smell of the flowers at your wedding, and even calling every hour to ask how it’s going at work... Basically a person starts seeing another part of you that they might not like.

6. Getting into a fight before the ceremony

Any couple can fight, but sometimes right before the ceremony the reason for the fight is new and people can behave in an unexpected way. Someone might yell, another person might just listen, and someone else might run away because they suddenly realize that the way they solve problems is drastically different from their future spouse.

7. Accepting that this is not love

A user on Reddit shared that she left her groom at the altar because she realized that she didn’t love him and she wasn’t ready because of a recent divorce. Later he found a “lovely woman” and now they are happy together.

8. Because of insecurity

An interesting story was told on Reddit about why a friend was left at the altar. He was totally in love and proposed to her. She was insecure and had never been in a relationship before that, and they fought a lot. The girl finally just called it off.

9. Emotional abuse

If you don’t marry me, I will do something wrong to myself. I can’t live without you. Someone might try to use whatever tricks and manipulations they can that will make the other person be your wife or husband. But when the moment of the wedding comes, a manipulated person realizes that they just can’t do it.

Do you know any stories about when the wedding was cancelled at the last minute? What else could be the reason? Please share your stories with us!


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