9 Simple Items That Can Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Luxurious Spa

3 years ago

Now that we’re spending more time at home, many of us want to make our homes cozier. Most of the time, we try to renovate our bedrooms and kitchens, completely neglecting the bathroom. But it’s actually very easy to turn this forgotten space into an area of rest and relaxation.

At Bright Side, we searched the Internet and found out what small details can make your bathroom a place of luxury and comfort that you’ll want to spend as much time in as possible.

Double showerhead

We all know the shower is the heart of the bathroom, and a great way to add an extravagant, spa-like touch is by adding a rainfall showerhead. And it’s not only about comfort and convenience; you can use this showerhead for hydrotherapy by varying the temperature and water pressure.

Bamboo bath mat

A bamboo or cedar bath mat is eco-friendly and creates a spa-like experience, since spas and salons usually use natural materials. Fabric rugs, as a rule, become damp quickly, leading to mold. On the other hand, mats made of natural materials, such as wood and bamboo, don’t retain water and, due to their gridded structure, dry quicker.

Mirror with a built-in shelf

A mirror with a built-in shelf isn’t just a fashionable accessory that makes the space look pretty; it also adds much-needed storage space. You can use it to keep your favorite products at hand or place decorative items, like a vase with flowers or candles, to make it cozier.

Bath pillow

For those relaxing soaks after a long day of work, keep your head, neck, and back well-supported with a comfy bath pillow. You won’t have to rest your head on the hard bathtub rim or use a towel that tends to fall into the water. A bath pillow helps position your neck and back properly to minimize the risk of back injuries.


Nothing brightens up a boring bathroom like plants. Not only do they add beautiful pops of color, but they also freshen stale air and lift wilted spirits. Since most bathrooms don’t have windows, they can be decorated with artificial flowers. And if you don’t have much space, you can hang them from the ceiling or choose small blossoms and place them on any unused surface.

Smart speaker

Another vital element of a spa salon is relaxing music. Since it’s not recommended to use a phone or other electronic devices in the bathroom, choose a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that can switch tunes using voice control. With this gadget in your bathroom, you’ll want to stay in the bath for as long as possible.


Showers and tubs are often cluttered with shampoo and soap bottles. One way to encourage a minimal approach to bath products is coordinating your bottles. Transfer your shampoo and other products into a matching set of containers or dispensers. This way, your bathroom will look a lot neater.

Bathtub caddy

Since you’re probably planning on spending long hours unwinding in your bathtub, investing in a versatile wooden bathtub caddy is a great idea. Some caddies have slots for everything you need, including a tablet or book stand, phone stand, cupholder, wine glass holder, and even a storage area for your bath goodies.

Wooden bench

Bathrooms sometimes lack comfortable seats, so we end up leaning on the bathtub rim. If that sounds familiar, consider getting a small wooden bench. To save space, you can opt for a bench with storage shelves that doubles as a table for essentials.

Do you already have something from this list in your bathroom? Tell us in the comments below.


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dispensers are the best thing. We decided to replace our soaps and shampoos with those, the whole bathroom looks more organized ever since


I've got bathtub caddy. Love taking baths and put my tablet on it, and enjoy some good movie or series 🥰


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