8 Super Hot Guys We Found on Instagram

7 months ago

A medical doctor, a PhD holder, a marine, a sports instructor... They are handsome and have thousands and even millions of followers on Instagram.

Bright Side offers you a "selection" of 9 muscular, flawlessly dressed, educated men who conquered Instagram...and our hearts.

Lasse Matberg

Lieutenant of the Royal Norwegian Navy

This marine who looks like a Viking has long been adored by many girls. He confesses that to maintain his physical shape, he chops wood instead of visiting the gym.

David Gandy

British model

David began his modeling career at the age of 21. In a world of skinny models, Gandy was one of the first to bring the muscular male body back into the spotlight. For many years he was the leading male model of Dolce & Gabbana. From year to year, he is recognized as the best of the best and has no shortage of contracts even now at 37.

Mike Varshavski

American physician

Dr. Varshavski is "the sexiest doctor on the planet" according to People magazine. In childhood, Mike was called Misha: he left Russia for the US when he was 6. Mike is a philanthropist, and he regularly invites everyone to take part in charity events and get the grand prize: a one-on-one meeting with him.

Travis DesLaurier

Canadian model and actor

Pietro Boselli

Holder of a PhD in Engineering from UCL, Math lecturer

Pietro is stuck with the title of "the world’s hottest math teacher." Perhaps it’s good he is a full-time model now, for we do not understand how his students ever managed to focus on the material.

Willy Cartier

French model

The handsome Parisian of Vietnamese, Senegalese, and French descent is one of the sexiest male models in the world.

Gianluca Vacchi

Italian businessman and millionaire

Amazing physical shape, athletic build, stylish clothes, yachts, luxurious mansions, a chic woman by his side, and millions of followers. In the press and on the Internet, he has been dubbed "the dancing millionaire" thanks to a video where Gianluca and his long-legged beauty danced on his yacht.

Stian Bjornes

Norwegian sports instructor and model

Another charismatic Norwegian Viking on our list. On Instagram, he writes a lot about fitness and sports nutrition, though maybe you won’t even get to the description section of the photos.


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