9 Ways to Use Expired Products Instead of Throwing Them Away

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3 years ago

It may not be the most appetizing thing to do, but there are products you can put to good use, even after their expiration date has passed. From skin care to cooking, these alternative uses might just be what you need right now.

At first, we at Bright Side thought that spoiled food and expired makeup products belonged in the trash, but now we understand that we can find new uses for them.

1. Avocado

If you didn’t get the chance to use your perfectly ripe avocado and now it’s gone bad, don’t throw it away — you can use it for your hair. Spoiled avocado can be a great moisturizer. Just smash or blend it and apply it to dry hair. Let it sit for at least 6 hours and wash it away with the shampoo and conditioner you usually use.

Remember that your hair might feel dry at first, but after you wash it 2 times, it will be shiny and soft.

2. Face sheet mask

Sheet masks are not good to use on your face once they expire, however, you can use them on dry and cracked feet, your chest, neck, or hands.

3. Moisturizers and cleansing milk

If you have an expired moisturizer or cleansing milk, you can repurpose them for cleaning and polishing bags and wallets. Just add some of the products to a cotton bud and start polishing.

4. Milk

Spoiled milk can still be used for many different purposes. You can make homemade cheese, use it for baking, and even making pancakes. Aside from cooking, you can use it as a face mask. Simply put it all over your face, let it sit, and rinse it off. The smell might not be so pleasant but the lactic acid will do wonders for your skin.

5. Shaving cream

Shaving cream can be reused in different ways once it’s expired. It’s great for cleaning dirt and grease because it literally attracts it. But the most surprising thing that it can do is clean under your nails. Just apply some cream and clean them with a toothpick.

6. Toothpaste

Because toothpaste contains detergent, it can help remove stains off carpet and can even clean crayons from the walls. In addition, you can whiten and clean your tennis shoes and phone screens. It can also help remove that sour smell from baby bottles.

7. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt can pose great benefits, even after its exploration date. At first, it might seem weird, but it can become a great exfoliating face mask. All you need to do is mix the yogurt with honey and blended cucumber, apply it to your face, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, simply wash it off with warm water.

8. Eye and lip liner

It’s not safe to use expired makeup liners on your eyes or lips. However, don’t throw them away because you can use them to underline words and sentences in books or as colored pencils.

9. Peanut butter

Peanut butter might save you a lot of time when you run out of shaving cream. It’s a great alternative because it’s rich in oils, which will make the skin smooth, and it won’t dry things out after shaving. You’ll be left with soft skin.

Have you ever used an expired product? What was it and what did you use it for? Which products from the list would you try out?


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no way an avocado can get bad in my house. It's sometimes eaten before it's fully ripen ❤


in my family we never throw away milk if it gets spoiled. It's a pancake time then!


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