A 30-Year-Old Woman On TikTok Breaks Down About Not Being Married With Children Yet

9 months ago

While an increasing number of women today are deviating from conventional family norms and choosing not to become mothers, a 30-year-old Nigerian woman recently turned to TikTok to express her emotions, shedding tears over her unmarried status at 30 with no children. Many others in her comment section sympathized with her and supported her by giving helpful advice.

As she sang along to a song, the woman wrote in the caption of her video: “Let my man come see me crying on TikTok.” The text on the video conveyed her feelings as she had an emotional breakdown in the video: “I’ve been listening to this song, this one hits me so hard. 30 years old, no husband, no child, no family yet.”

Many others in the comment section of the now-viral TikTok swiftly related to the shared experience of being in their thirties without being married and having kids. “Hey, sis, I am also 30, no husband no child yet, but I believe we will all have a good testimony very soon pls don’t cry,” commented one person. Another added: “My dear, I’m 34, no child, no husband, but I still believe God is working on my case, and he will surely give me the best.”

Other people in the comments attempted to console the woman by highlighting their negative dating experiences. “Girl, you are not missing out on anything.. go travel and live life.” The outpour of support this woman’s video received proves that we’re not all alone in our struggles!

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