A Baby With Down Syndrome Was Abandoned at Birth, Now at 14, She Became a Hollywood Star

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4 months ago

Sofia Sanchez is a powerful advocate for those with Down syndrome, and her story is an inspiration to many. Sofia’s parents abandoned her at birth due to her condition, but fate brought her to the attention of a loving couple in the United States who adopted her. Sofia’s experience growing up with Down syndrome has given her a unique perspective and the ability to speak up for herself and others like her.

She could find a loving family despite it all.

Sofia found a loving family despite the odds, and it all began when Jennifer and Hector Sanchez stumbled upon a picture of her on an organization’s website that supports and finds homes for international orphans with Down syndrome and other special needs. The couple already had three sons, one with Down syndrome, and they were looking to expand their family.

Considering their experience raising a child with special needs, they believed they could support another child in need, and Sofia’s photo stopped them in their tracks. “She was abandoned at birth,” Jennifer once shared. “We felt that since we were already taking the journey of raising a child with Down syndrome, why not adopt another and provide a loving home for Sofia and also give Joaquin a sibling just like him?”

She was raised to be able to speak up.

As a mother of two children with special needs, Jennifer Sanchez used her social media platforms to raise awareness and share her family’s experiences. She encouraged her children to find their voice and speak out, leading Sofia to become a prominent advocate for people with Down syndrome. Sofia has even worked as a model and appeared in several national advertising campaigns and commercials.

“This year, I thought maybe it’s time people hear from my kids, not me. What better person to bring about awareness than someone who has Down syndrome?” shared Jennifer.

She challenges misconceptions about her condition.

Sofia has successfully challenged misconceptions associated with her condition and has become an advocate for awareness. She has starred in multiple campaigns to disprove people’s wrong ideas regarding Down syndrome.

In the upcoming Hunger Games prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Sofia will appear alongside prominent figures such as Hunter Schafer, Viola Davis, Peter Dinklage, and Rachel Ziegler. Jennifer believes that Sofia’s message needs to be shared to expose people to the beauty of imperfection or disabilities or Down syndrome.


Love it. She's beautiful and with her determination & strength she will go far and I wish her all the best.

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